HRD likely to redraft IIM bill

29 Jun 2015 | By Siripriya

The IIM bill is likely to be redrafted to include changes suggested by some of the premier business schools.

The bill therefore, may not be tabled in the monsoon session of the Parliament.

A government official said that 3 sections—3(k), 35 and 36 will be reconsidered as some IIMs have raised objections to them. These sections empower the government to set rules for IIMs.

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13 Jun 2015Draft IIM bill put up for public opinion

Human Resource and Development (HRD) Ministry put up the draft IIM (Indian Institute of Management) bill, 2015 on its website for public opinion.

IIMs currently do not function under an act of Parliament and hence cannot award degrees.

The bill proposes to grant statutory status to 13 existing IIMs. This will let the institutes offer master's degrees and doctorates, instead of diplomas and fellowships.

Jun 2015What does the draft IIM bill say?

The bill has some provisions which gives the government sweeping authority like:

The Centre can make rules on the IIM directors' service terms and conditions.

The Board of Governors will need Centre's approval to make rules on matters of fees, fellowships and scholarships, award of honorary degrees, appointment of staff, etc.

Further, the draft grants powers to the Centre to override the Board.

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IIMs express concern over draft bill

25 Jun 2015IIMs express concern over draft bill

IIM Ahmedabad, IIM Lucknow and IIM Bangalore have expressed their concerns over the draft IIM bill to the HRD ministry.

According to IIM-A, the clauses 35 and 36 were not a part of an earlier draft Bill of 2014 that the IIMs had agreed upon.

IIMs said that this draft bill restricted their autonomy by making the Board accountable to the Ministry.

Bill initially proposed in 2012

The UPA government initially proposed the Indian Institute of Management (IIM) Bill in 2012. After the NDA came to power, the bill was again sent to the B-schools and was accepted by them in October 2014.

Jun 2015The contentious sections - 35 and 36

Section 35 empowers the Union government among other things to "make rules, for carrying out the provisions of this Act".

Section 36 states that "The Board may, with the approval of the central government, by notification, make regulations not inconsistent with this Act and the rules made there under to carry out the provisions of this Act".

29 Jun 2015HRD likely to redraft IIM bill