DCW closes case against Vishwas

4 Jul 2015 | By Siripriya

After news that the Delhi Commission for Women (DCW) had closed the case against Kumar Vishwas, the AAP said that Vishwas had been summoned because of 'political vendetta' of the DCW and that DCW was overstepping its jurisdiction.

The court could not dispose the case as Vishwas's counsel Somnath Bharthi filed a petition to 'restrain' DCW chief from holding press conferences.

In context: Kumar Vishwas's 'illicit affair' controversy

31 Mar 2015Kumar Vishwas in fresh trouble over an affair

AAP senior party leader Kumar Vishwas was found garnering headlines after there was news that he had been having an affair with a volunteer before the 2014 Lok Sabha elections.

The controversy errupted after mails by a certain Ajay Vohra to AAP leadership against Vishwas came to the forefront.

In the mails, Vishwas was accused of being physically intimate with a volunteer from Amethi.

Who is Kumar Vishwas?

Kumar Vishwas is an active member of the AAP; a professor by profession and a renowned Hindi poet. He is also know for writing columns on various social issues.
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Volunteer files a defamation case against Vishwas

5 May 2015Volunteer files a defamation case against Vishwas

The alleged volunteer filed for a defamation case against Kumar Vishwas on 5 May.

Following the complaint, Kumar Vishwas was summoned by the Delhi Commission for Women.

The woman further said that she had been threatened by Vishwas and his supporters after she had asked him to clarify the matter publicly.

Kumar blamed the media for aiding the Modi government and fuelling the controversy.

5 May 2015AAP comes to Vishwas's rescue

AAP leader Arvind Kejriwal refused to comment on the summons issued by DCW to Kumar Vishwas but said that there were efforts being made to defame his party.

Kejriwal accused the media of "accepting a supari or contract to finish off his Aam Aadmi Party".

Vishwas on the other hand, said that "dirty tricks departments" of other parties were behind this alleged controversy.

15 May 2015High Court denies stay orders for Vishwas's summons

Kumar Vishwas had pleaded in the High Court against the summons by the Delhi Commission for Women.

Delhi High Court denied his plea to stay DCW's summons announced on a volunteer's allegations that her married life was ruined because Vishwas had refused to deny 'rumours' over their apparent affair.

The court reprimanded Vishwas for not having made the complainant a party to the plea.

4 Jul 2015DCW closes case against Vishwas