Balasaheb wanted Jaidev not Uddhav as political heir

20 Jul 2016 | By Supriya Kaur

Late Bal Thackeray's sons have been embroiled in a property dispute concerning his will.

Today in Bombay HC, Jaidev Thackeray made a sensational claim that his father always nursed a desire to see him succeed as his political heir.

He also alleged that Uddhav Thackeray's increasing influence on the Thackeray household since 2003 was responsible for his forced alienation from the family.

In context: Jaidev Thackeray: Bal Thackeray's estranged son

Who is Jaidev Thackeray?Bal Thackeray's lesser known son

Jaidev Thackeray and his father, Bal Thackeray endured many highs and lows in their relationship.

He often accompanied his father to political meetings in the 1970s but remained disinclined to be a part of politics.

Upheavals in his personal life, separation from his first wife in the 1990s and irreconcilable differences with his second wife, gradually led to Jaidev's estrangement with the Thackeray family.

Dispute dates back to 2012Jaidev Thackeray left out in the cold

Bal Thackeray passed away in 2012 and bequeathed a chunk of his property solely to Uddhav.

Jaidev alleged his father was of 'unsound mind' at the time of executing the will and accused his brother Uddhav of misusing his proximity to their father to manipulate the will.

However, Balasaheb often referred to being distressed with Jaidev's life-choices and the will mentions a deliberate exclusion.

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20 Jul 2016Balasaheb wanted Jaidev not Uddhav as political heir

Uddhav Thackeray not keen on resolving dispute amicably

Given the high-profile nature of the case, Bombay HC Judge advised both parties to agree to in-camera proceedings with a mediator to amicably resolve issues. A long protracted trial could make the outcome unpredictable and damage reputations. Uddhav Thackeray, however, refused to accept this suggestion.

Smita's rise and Jaidev's estrangementJaidev's ex-wife Smita Thackeray

Smita Thackeray, Jaidev's second wife was keen on a career in politics. Jaidev's aversion to the political world, led to irreconcilable differences between them.

Frequent clashes led to Jaidev being asked to move out of the Thackeray family home.

Post separation with Jaidev, Smita continued to live at her in-laws; with Bal Thackeray's support she started to climb the ladder in Shiv Sena.

Jaidev joined National Congress Party in 2004?

Dismayed with the factionalism and infighting in the Shiv Sena, Jaidev was looking at a bleak future. Seeing his standing diminish in the family, he announced his plans to join the Sharad Pawar led NCP, his father's arch rival. However, these plans never materialised.