AAP celebrates "big win" with "small donation"


05 Jul 2018

AAP asks supporters for "small donation" to celebrate "big win"

After a "big win for democracy and the Constitution of India," the AAP, in its trademark style, sent a mail to its supporters, seeking a "small donation" of Rs. 100.

The party is known to accelerate its donation campaign during such issues. Last December, it decided to call for donations after CM Arvind Kejriwal wasn't invited to the opening of a Delhi Metro section!


The "big win" that AAP mentioned

The "big win" that AAP mentioned

AAP's "big win" is yesterday's SC verdict on power-sharing in Delhi, wherein the top court ruled the lieutenant governor (L-G) cannot interfere with policy-decisions of the government.

Delhi cannot be given full statehood, it noted, but the government can make rules on state and concurrent lists, excluding law, police and public order.

This came after months of a power-struggle between the AAP government and L-G.


'Let's celebrate the big day with a small donation'

Hours later, the party's outreach team circulated a mail saying 'people of Delhi have won!'

"Let us celebrate the big day with a small donation of Rs. 100. We all deserve this," it read.

"Let us send our best wishes to Arvind Kejriwal, Manish Sisodia, all AAP ministers and MLAs, and the volunteers who have struggled on ground all the time."

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Does AAP really have an occasion to celebrate?

Does AAP really have an occasion to celebrate?

AAP needs to understand that the verdict might not bring Kejriwal and Co. the relief they expected. As bureaucrats pointed out, "Only principles for the L-G and government were stated. The only relief AAP got is now it won't need the L-G's concurrence on every file."

In fact, the first file the government moved after the order was sent back by Delhi officers saying it's "legally incorrect."

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