Only abolishing Section 377 can cure Subramanian Swamy's homophobia

10 Jul 2018 | By Shalini Ojha

From his basket which nestles homophobic comments, Bharatiya Janata Party's Subramanian Swamy took out another explanation as to why Section 377 shouldn't be repealed.

This time, he said it's against Hindutva. In the past, he blamed genetical disorder, mental condition etc., to reveal his homophobic nature.

Despite being called out, he hasn't learned and nothing more than abolishing 377 will teach him a lesson.

In context: Subramanian Swamy, your homophobia pains and angers us

10 Jul 2018Only abolishing Section 377 can cure Subramanian Swamy's homophobia

The hearingAll eyes on Supreme Court as hearing begins

The Supreme Court began hearing on Section 377 a short while ago with former Attorney General Mukul Rohtagi giving his arguments as to why the draconian rule is invalid.

Before the constitution bench of the apex court, Rohtagi referred to Shikhandani in Mahabharata to prove sexual orientation was natural.

While the hearing will continue for a few days, many hope the outcome is progressive.

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But, there seems to be no end to Swamy's bias

Looking backBut, there seems to be no end to Swamy's bias

It has been reiterated by sane minds that lives shouldn't be constrained in sections, or closets and that Section 377 has no place in a democracy.

But despite these, Swamy, who has a Harvard degree, never understood.

In 2015, he tweeted, "Homos are genetically handicapped."

Before that, in 2013, Swamy wrote, "Being gay is a mental disorder."

As it turns out, Swamy is all talks sans facts

Swamy has connected being gay with mental health on various occasions, but apparently he never bothered to check facts. We're happy to help! The Indian Psychiatric Society gave their stand on homosexuality in a statement, recently, and refused to equate it with mental disorder.

ArgumentsNow, Swamy gives Hindutva angle to justify homophobia

It seems Swamy even got Hindutva, the term which he has often repeated, wrong while speaking on homosexuality.

He claimed Hindutva opposed homosexuality, but maybe he forgot about Shikhandani or Brihannala from Mahabharata.

Also, how great would it be if he visited Khajuraho or Konark temples, whose scriptures prove our ancestors weren't as homophobic as him.

Limitless hatredSwamy strongly opposes celebration of homosexuality, because 'how can they?'

Once, Swamy had claimed, "As long as they don't celebrate it, don't flaunt it, don't create gay bars to select partners it's not a problem." Back then he had added people shouldn't 'flaunt' their homosexuality.

In other words, two men kissing should be punished according to Swamy, but swords wielding goondas of many religious outfits pose no problem for him.

Amazing, right?

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High hopesA progressive judgement is needed, now more than ever

Being a member of a party which claims its second name is development, Swamy's views on homosexuality just prove he can't let go of prejudice.

Therefore, the Supreme Court needs to pass a landmark judgement and show there's nothing to be feared.

And for Swamy here's a what-to-watch suggestion: Stream 'Nanette' on Netflix to learn consequences of these insensible comments of yours.