AAP MLA's residence raided

27 Jul 2016 | By Supriya Kaur
AAP's troubles mount

Chattarpur MLA, Kartar Singh Tanwar's residence and offices were raided by the Income Tax department today morning.

Leaders from the Aam Aadmi Party have reiterated their accusations against the Central Government of vindictive politics; they claim CBI, Anti-Corruption Bureau, IT Department being used to harass AAP MLAs.

Since February 2015, a dozen AAP MLAs have been arrested or have charges filed against them.

In context: AAP's troubles mount

Who is he?Kartar Singh Tanwar

AAP MLA, Kartar Singh Tanwar, aged 52, hails from New Delhi. He is a member of the sixth legislative assembly of Delhi.

This is his first term as a member of the legislative assembly. Prior to that he held the role of a Municipal Councillor since 2007.

He has a Diploma in Civil Engineering and is also a businessman.

Formerly with BJP

Kartar Singh Tanwar, was a councillor with the BJP party, before joining AAP. He claimed there was "corruption at every level in the three BJP-led municipal corporations"; he was inspired with AAP's ideology and their work and therefore decided to join them.
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DetailsEarlier controversies

Prashant Bhushan, former founding member of AAP, made allegations against AAP MLA, Kartar Singh Tanwar today.

He alleged that Kartar Singh, had acquired substantial assets in the form of hotels, farmhouses, high value appartments despite only being a junior engineer.

He also claimed that there was resistance from other AAP members to Kartar Singh joining the party but their objections were ignored.

27 Jul 2016AAP MLA's residence raided

DetailsIncome Tax Raid

Sleuths from the IT Department at 8.30am on Wednesday morning simultaneously raided multiple properties of Kartar Singh and locked them down.

Mr. Tanwar's eleven offices were raided along with his Chattarpur residence in South Delhi.

There are several companies of Kartar Singh that have also come under the scanner of the Income Tax Department on alleged charges of tax evasion.

Financial assets

According to the affidavit filed before Delhi Assembly elections in 2015, Kartar Singh Tanwar, declared financial assets (land, residential properties, jewellery, motor vehicles etc.) amounting to INR 17.65 crores.