Congress witnesses internal tussles and disputes

22 Aug 2016 | By Sneha Johny

Many of Congress' leaders and their statements have sparked an internal conflict, resulting in disputes over what the party stands for.

With the Congress holding diversified opinions over the various agendas under the Indian Government, be it the Indo-Pakistan issue, or the latest Balochistan affair, this has flagged an internal debate.

After being left out of important negotiations, frustrated leaders are now raising differences.

In context: Congress' inside tussles!

AboutSalman Kurshid fights Modi's take on Balochistan

India's External Affairs Minister Salman Kurshid raised hackles amongst the Congress party when he retorted sharply against the statements made by Modi during his Independence Day speech.

Modi had voiced his views on Balochistan, which is geographically a part of Pakistan.

Kurshid retaliated on Modi's mention of Balochistan, stating that the Prime Minister should not have brought up Balochistan in his address.

Modi should have never brought up Balochistan

"Balochistan is a different thing from PoK. We have every right to speak about PoK because it is our matter. Balochistan is not," Mr. Khurshid told reporters.
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16 Aug 2016Congress sees tensions spark on Kurshid's comments

The Congress party vehemently disagreed with Kurshid's statements and issued a public statement wherein it distanced itself from the party leader's views on Balochistan.

The party said that Kurshid's opinion on Balochistan was not in sync with what the party stood for.

While Kurshid said that Balochistan was an "internal matter of Pakistan", the party expressed concerns of human rights violation in the region.

22 Aug 2016Congress witnesses internal tussles and disputes

21 Aug 2016Congress leaders' suggestions spurned by party leaders

Congress leader and ex-Finance Minister P Chidambaram had come out with a statement that the party could consider alternative options to be exercised with the National Conference to help resolve India's conflict with Kashmir.

Soon enough, Congress turned down the proposal.

When it was later suggested that Congress leaders visit the Valley, another leader, Ghulam Nabi Azad discarded the idea, expressing no political interest.

Congress' Digvijaya's take on Amnesty issue

Another one of the latest debates within Congress was with Digvijaya Singh's take on the Amnesty issue, stating that an FIR should not have been charged. This sparked controversy, when Congress' Anand Sharma reinstated that it was the right motion.