Jayalalithaa misses Iftar party, sparks ill health rumors

15 Jul 2015 | By Siripriya

Jayalalithaa skipped attending the annual Iftar party on 1 July 2015 on account of a 'sudden illness'.

This sparked off rumours of a more grave health issue with respect to the Tamil Nadu CM.

The whispers of her bad health were further strengthened by the fact that she had not been sighted at the state secretariat since eight days.

In context: Tamil Nadu's big question: Is Jayalalithaa really ill?

Oct 1984MGR's sickness changes Tamil Nadu politics

In 1984, Karunanidhi started questioning the AIDMK founder MG Ramachandran's (MGR) capability to run Tamil Nadu's politics when he was admitted to a hospital in Brooklyn.

Karunanidhi accused the party for hiding the CM's real condition; MGR won the elections in 1985.

The death of MGR in 1987 made way for Karunanidhi back in Tamil Nadu's political scene which alternated with Jayalalithaa ever since.

10 Jul 2015DMK's Karunanidhi sparks off an 'unhealthy' debate

DMK chief Karunanidhi said that Jayalalithaa was unable to perform her chief ministerial duties because she was ill.

He went on to say that she "has no work" because her health was failing. He said that the state was being run as if it had no CM.

AIADMK spokesperson C R Saraswathi said the comments were in bad taste and expressed his personal vendetta.

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Rumour mills hard at work!

If rumour mills are to be believed, then Jayalalithaa may soon undergo a kidney transplant for which she may have to go to United States of America.
Opposition seeks clarity on Jayalalithaa's health

14 Jul 2015Opposition seeks clarity on Jayalalithaa's health

While there have been reports of Jayalalithaa being missing from action due to ill health which has led her to cancel scheduled events, Tamil Nadu Congress Committee chief EVKS Elangovan said he was 'worried' for the CM's absence.

He further sought a medical bulletin regarding her health saying that the people of Tamil Nadu had the right to be informed about their CM's health.

Health rumors common in Tamil Nadu politics

Before this Tamil Nadu's politics has resorted to raising health concerns of ministers. Karunanidhi himself, alongwith MK Stalin has had to face health rumours. DMDK leader Vijayakanth too had to face such rumours.

14 Jul 2015Jayalalithaa's health a concern for BJP as well

Jayalalithaa's health is a prime concern for BJP as she is the main voice of 37 Lok Sabha MPs in the parliament.

The NDA led government needs her support at the centre to pass the Goods and Services Tax proposal in Lok Sabha.

No response over the issue from her has caused a stir in their party as well.

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14 Jul 2015Jayalalithaa misses Iftar party, sparks ill health rumors