AAP seeking Rs 10 from the 'aam aadmi'

14 Jul 2015 | Written by Siripriya; Edited by Vaneet Randhawa
Nothing 'Aam' about AAP's spending

Arvind Kejriwal, Delhi's Chief Minister requested the people to donate Rs 10 to the Aam Aadmi Party, as the party coffers were empty.

The party also started a "Donate for AAP" Twitter campaign.

He said that this was his party's attempt to pursue 'honest politics'.

The party claimed that all its funds had been spent in the elections.

In context: Nothing 'Aam' about AAP's spending

5 Feb 2014CM's image tainted over the residence controversy

In February 2014, documents revealed that Kejriwal's secretary Rajendra Kumar had sought two 5-bedroom houses on Bhagwan Das Road.

This came in the wake of the CM denying having asked for the houses allotted to him.

However, these documents highlighted that he had "indeed sought the accommodation, down to specific flat numbers."

Mounting pressure and criticism made the CM not take up those houses.

1 Jul 2015CMO employs 102 more people than last government

The current Chief Minister's Office (CMO) and that of its Cabinet Ministers employs over 200 people (the sanctioned number is 81).

This is a 102 person increase from the number of people employed under last government's CMO, which were 98.

The salaries of the CMO staff varies from Rs 18,000 to Rs 1,15,000 a month, burning a huge hole in the government's pocket.

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AAP splurges on an ad campaign

2 Jul 2015AAP splurges on an ad campaign

The AAP has spent Rs 50 lakhs on an ongoing radio ad (76 second long) which talks about AAP achievements.

The ad would be aired 40 times a day for one week.

This campaign comes in the back drop as the party seeks funds from the public.

Moreover, AAP has set aside a budget of Rs. 520 crore on ad campaigns for this year.

AAP flouts SC rules, finds a loophole

SC guidelines do not permit a CM to feature in government ads. However, AAP has found a loophole and has rolled out ad campaigns titled "Jo Kaha So Kiya" to connect with its electorates.

3 Jul 2015CM residence consumed Rs 1.35 lakh worth of electricity

BJP and Congress party pounced on the AAP supremo after it was made aware that Kejriwal's residence power bill stood at Rs 1.35 lakh (June).

The AAP government was accused for using up the public money for his personal comfort.

The government said that the bill included the consumption at the camp office and various other facilities (which was termed illegal by distribution companies).

Whopping Rs. 21 crores spent on elections!

In February 2014, Kejriwal's appeal for funds on social media raised Rs.1 crore in 2 days. By November, AAP raised Rs.21 crores, which it claims have been spent in elections.
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14 Jul 2015AAP seeking Rs 10 from the 'aam aadmi'

22 Jan 2016AAP's publicity costs the aam aadmi Rs.60 crores

AAP's "aam-aadmi" advertisements have burnt a hole of Rs.60 crore in the exchequer's pockets in the past 11 months.

This comprises the funds spent on campaigns across "print, television, radio and outdoor publicity".

The Delhi Information and Publicity Directorate had sanctioned Rs.25 crores from its budget of Rs.526 crores.

However, the campaigns that are currently running (or recently concluded) will cost another Rs.35 crores.

Odd-even costs the government Rs.2 crores in publicity

The aggressive advertising before and during the odd-even scheme rolled out in New Delhi from 1-15 January alone cost the exchequer an approximate Rs.2 crore.