SC to hear petition to stop funding J&K separatists

12 Sep 2016 | By Vaneet Randhawa

The Supreme Court agreed to listen to a petition seeking a legal injunction to the government to discontinue funding the security and other expenses of separatists in J&K.

The appeal demanded why the centre should contribute money from the Consolidated Fund of India "for supporting separatist groups working against the country."

The petition maintained that this was a wastage of the country's funds.

In context: Separatists' security burning hole in J&K pocket

IntroductionSeparatists getting security in J&K

Jammu district homes almost 109 uncategorized political activists. Of these, 49 are in the uncategorized list.

Another 93 of the separatist hailed from Doda.

Srinagar has 124 such protectees and 66 in Baramula.

Pulwama and Kishtwar districts have 70 such political activists each while Budgam has 62 of these separatists.

114 persons are enjoying security cover in the curfew hit-Anantnag.

2010Security expenditure on separatist leaders

According to government sources, the total expense on guarding the J&K separatist leaders exceeded Rs.560 crore by 2010.

The total force of the Jammu & Kashmir Police has been assessed at 73,363.

Of these, almost 18,000 policemen had been stationed as guards at homes and offices of pro-separatist activists and politicians.

Approximately 8,000 cops were serving as personal security guards (PSO) of politicians.

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A hijacker-separatist getting government's security detail

Interestingly, of all those being provided security one is a "pro-azadi leader and Democratic Liberation Party (DLP) chairman Hashim Qureshi, who hijacked an Indian Airlines F 27 aircraft and took it to Pakistan on January 30, 1971."
2013-15 expenditure on separatists in J&K

2013-20152013-15 expenditure on separatists in J&K

In 2013-14, the J&K government allocated Rs.107 crore including Rs.4 crore on hotel bills and Rs.5 crore on petrol and diesel on separatist activists.

In 2014, the government paid Rs.69 crore on the wages of guards on the security detail of anti-India political activists and Rs.40 crore on PSOs.

In 2014-15, the J&K government paid over Rs.120 crore on "fuel, hotel stay and security".

Neglecting J&K welfareWelfare money being spent on security

In the last five years Central funds to the tune of Rs.7207 crore have been spent on the security of separatist leaders.

Critics revealed that these funds could have been used to add to the budget for widows and destitute women under welfare schemes which is Rs.100 crore now.

This money could also have been used for integrated child development schemes and Anganwadis.

12 Sep 2016SC to hear petition to stop funding J&K separatists