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13 Oct 2018

#MeToo: BJP leader says women journalists aren't so "innocent"

#MeToo: BJP leader questions women journalists' integrity

With the #MeToo movement having hit the BJP government, the BJP's Madhya Pradesh women wing chief Lata Kelkar has made a statement that could possibly stir up controversy.

Speaking on the #MeToo movement, Kelkar said that she doesn't consider women journalists "innocent", implying that they could be used by anyone to make allegations against others.

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#MeToo: BJP leader questions women journalists' integrity
Kelkar adds that she supports the #MeToo movement


Kelkar adds that she supports the #MeToo movement

While raising questions about the integrity of women journalists, Kelkar added that she welcomed the #MeToo movement since it gave strength to women to call people out if they had been harassed.

Kelkar's controversial comments come at a time when Union minister MJ Akbar has been accused of multiple counts of sexual harassment.

It also comes shortly after BJP leadership commented on the allegations.

WATCH: Kelkar's comments on the #MeToo movement

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Other details

MJ Akbar might be ousted soon

With political and media pressure mounting on Akbar and the BJP government in light of the allegations, senior ministers, in off-record conversations, revealed interesting details.

Reportedly, Akbar, who is in Africa now, is to step down on his return to India.

However, a consensus hasn't been reached within the BJP government as to whether a minister can be ousted based on allegations alone.

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