Amma running TN out of Apollo Hospital

30 Sep 2016 | Written by Gaurav ; Edited by Supriya Kaur
Tamil Nadu's Amma: Her life in a snapshot

As supporters of the AIADMK party gathered outside Apollo Hospital, the state bureaucracy is functioning smoothly with orders being sent out of the hospital.

AIADMK spokesperson CR Saraswati sought to assuage fears over Jayalalithaa's health saying she was "hale and hearty" and would be discharged from hospital soon.

Rumors had been surfacing in the state that Jayalalithaa's health took a turn for the worse.

In context: Tamil Nadu's Amma: Her life in a snapshot

Early LifeJ.Jayalalithaa

Jayaraman Jayalalithaa was born on February 24, 1948 in Mysore.

Her father passed away when she was two; her mother then relocated to Tamil Nadu and began working in Tamil movies.

Jayalalithaa began her schooling at the Bishop Girls High School in Bangalore; few years later she moved to Chennai to live with her mother and attended the Presentation Church Park Chennai.

Work lifeThe movie world beckons

Although known to be a bright student, Jayalalithaa was persuaded by her mother to accept work opportunities in the movies.

She was initially reluctant as she wanted to be a doctor or a lawyer but financial constraints made that impossible.

By age 15, she had already acted in a Kannada film.

She was noticed in her first Tamil movie by Tamil superstar, M.G. Ramachandran.

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OriginsJayalalithaa joins AIADMK

Jayalalithaa's association with MGR catapulted her into politics. MGR, who founded AIADMK, went on to become Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu in 1977.

MGR was in need of a 'propaganda secretary' to effectively take on Karunanidhi in the opposition, an impressive orator.

Jayalalithaa was formally appointed as the Propaganda Secretary in 1983.

MGR remained Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu until his death in 1987.

Post-MGR eraJayalalithaa's ascent to power

Post MGR's death AIADMK split: one faction supported MGR's wife whereas the other supported Jayalalithaa; Jayalalithaa's faction had much support amongst the cadres.

In 1989, the two factions consolidated and Jayalalithaa became CM of Tamil Nadu for the first time in 1991.

She served as CM of Tamil Nadu from 1991-96, briefly in 2001, 2002-06, 2011-2014 and from May 2015 - present.

DetailsMedical History

According to a bail plea filed in Karnataka HC, Jayalalithaa suffers from hypertension, arthritis and diabetes.

Since 2015, there are rumours of her needing a liver transplant; she also excused herself from attending events due to a 'health-condition'.

When Jayalalithaa was being sworn-in as Chief Minister in May 2016, the ceremony was cut short allegedly due to poor health. However there was no confirmation.

30 Sep 2016Amma running TN out of Apollo Hospital

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12 Oct 2016Jayalalithaa's portfolios handed over to Finance Minister

Tamil Nadu Governor C Vidyasagar Rao said all of CM Jayalalithaa's portfolios have been handed over to state Finance Minister O Panneerselvam.

In addition to receiving the Public department, IAS, IPS, IFS, General Administration, Home and Police portfolios, Panneerselvam will also preside over Cabinet meetings.

However, the AIADMK clarified that Jayalalithaa would continue to be the state's Chief Minister.

08 Nov 2016Jayalalithaa under physiotherapy, may be discharged in 15 days

AIADMK spokesperson C Ponnaiyan said CM Jayalalithaa may be discharged "in less than 15 days" and that "all her vital parameters are under control."

Jayalalithaa is currently undergoing physiotherapy, and doctors are considering shifting her from the Critical Care Unit to a private room.

The announcement is expected to calm tensions within Tamil Nadu's political circles over her health.

18 Nov 2016Jayalalithaa breathing without respiratory support: Reports

The AIADMK has assured their supporters that Chief Minister Jayalalithaa is breathing without respiratory support and is expected to be discharged any day now.

AIADMK spokesperson C Ponnaiyyan said Jayalalithaa's "health has improved excellently" and she "is undergoing physiotherapy and she may be discharged any day."

Party sources added that all of Jayalalithaa's vitals including her heart function are completely normal.

04 Dec 2016Jayalalithaa suffers cardiac arrest, being monitored by experts

According to a statement by Apollo Hospitals, Tamil Nadu chief minister Jayalalithaa, who is undergoing treatment there, suffered a cardiac arrest on Sunday evening.

"She is being treated and monitored by a team of experts, including pulmonologists, cardiologists and critical care specialists," the release issued by hospital COO Subbiah Viswanathan said.

She was hospitalized on September 22 with fever and dehydration.

05 Dec 2016No news on Jaya's health, Chennai tense

In light of CM Jayalalithaa's sudden change in health, tension are running high across Tamil Nadu.

Officials did not update citizens about her health, leading to tense situations across Tamil Nadu; Police deployed riot control vehicles in various parts of Chennai to contain any situation that may arise.

AIADMK supporters gathered outside the hospital to offer prayers for Jayalalithaa's health.

05 Dec 2016Rumors of Jayalalithaa's death do the rounds

Local media sources reported that TN Chief Minister Jayalalithaa passed away at Apollo hospital in Chennai.

Shortly after reports surfaced, Apollo Hospitals issued a press release denying the reports and reiterated that she was still on life support; AIADMK flags have been put-up around Apollo Hospital.

Police have been deployed across Tamil Nadu and the AIADMK is expected to make a statement soon.

05 Dec 2016Tamil Nadu's Amma is no more

Tamil Nadu Chief Minister, J. Jayalalithaa has passed away.

Despite advanced life-saving measures undertaken by a dedicated team at Apollo Hospital, she was unable to recover from the cardiac arrest she suffered on Sunday.

Jayalalithaa had been in hospital for the past 77 days; given her unparalleled popularity amongst the people, Tamil Nadu continues to remain tense.

Further details are awaited.