Ajit Doval speaks on India's upcoming challenges


26 Oct 2018

Ajit Doval: India needs strong govt for 10yrs; enemies abound

On Thursday, National Security Adviser Ajit Doval that many internal enemies are abound in India, and that the country needs a strong government for the next 10 years if it wants to achieve glory.

Doval's comments came during his speech at the annual Sardar Patel Memorial Lecture organized by All India Radio.

Here's more on what he said.


Desirable political conditions for India, according to Doval

Desirable political conditions for India, according to Doval

In his speech, titled 'Dream India: 2030, avoiding pitfalls', Doval said that India would need a "strong, decisive" government to avoid "pitfalls".

He added that India should not grow to be a "soft power" but should become a mix of a soft power and a hard power wherein the government can take tough decisions and make compromises that might not exactly be populist.


India needs a stable, strong government, not unstable coalitions

To become a mix between a soft power and a hard power, India would need a "stable" government "empowered by total mandate", said Doval.

He explained that weak governments would be unable to take hard decisions, and that unstable regimes and coalitions would be more vulnerable to "fragility, corruption, and local and sectoral political interests taking precedence".

Doval added that laws have would also have to be enforced using the "total might of the state".

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India has many internal enemies, warns Ajit Doval

"There are plenty of forces more within than outside, who probably are bent upon eroding the will of the nation," warned Doval.


Taking India to economic glory will require tough decisions

Taking India to economic glory will require tough decisions

Speaking on the economy, Doval said that the economy was a source of India's strength, and that the Indian economy would be the world's third-largest by 2030.

However, this march to economic glory would not be smooth, and would require tough decisions to be taken in the larger economic interests of the nation.

These decisions might cause some "pain and hardships" said Doval, citing fuel prices, but said that the nation would bear them.

Other details

India has to make use of the opportunity lying ahead

Doval also spoke of the threat of misinformation, saying that widely circulated false narratives could have dangerous implications on India's future.

He also said that such narratives could fuel communal violence and create social animosities.

The security adviser concluded his speech saying that India is at the "threshold of a great journey ahead", and the only question is whether India will use the opportunity or squander it.

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