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09 Nov 2018

Chhattisgarh: War-of-words between Modi, RaGa ahead of assembly elections

Launching an attack on Congress, Prime Minister Narendra Modi while addressing a rally in Bastar's Jagdalpur said the party supported Urban Maoists.

In his high-voltage rally, ahead of Chhattisgarh's first phase of polls, PM Modi mentioned DD cameraperson Achutyanand Sahu who was killed in a Naxal ambush last week.

PM Modi claimed BJP wanted to develop Chhattisgarh, unlike the Congress.

In context

PM Modi mentions murdered DD journalist in speech
"Urban Maoists lived in ACs, controlled youth through remote control"

Urban Maoists

"Urban Maoists lived in ACs, controlled youth through remote control"

PM Modi touched the topic of Urban Maoists and said they moved in big cars and lived in AC surroundings.

"But they ruin the lives of our poor Adivasi youth here through remote control. Why is Congress supporting these Urban Maoists?" PM Modi asked.

He also accused Congress of insulting adivasis, and said when he wore a headgear in Northeast they joked about it.

"How will Congress with its silver spoon know about Adivasi?"

"I want to be that Prime Minister who would remember the food and the turban that my Adivasi brother put for me. People in Congress have been born with a silver spoon, how will they know the sentiments of Adivasi?" PM Modi said.

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What he said

Teach Congress a lesson, PM Modi urges Bastar residents

Furthering his attack on Congress, PM Modi said Congress was at Centre for ten years but didn't do anything for Chhattisgarh.

He claimed all development programs were blocked.

He urged people of Bastar to give a 'befitting reply' to Congress, who spoke about freeing state of Maoists on one hand and supported Urban Maoists on another hand.

Separately, Rahul Gandhi says Raman Singh didn't develop Chhattisgarh

RaGa's rally

Separately, Rahul Gandhi says Raman Singh didn't develop Chhattisgarh

After PM Modi's rally, Congress President Rahul Gandhi addressed one in Chhattisgarh's Khairagarh where he said the state wasn't poor, the people were, because Chief Minister Raman Singh didn't do anything.

He said Singh's son's name appeared in Panama Papers but no action was taken whereas in Pakistan the ex-PM (Nawaz Sharif) had to go to jail because of it.

Jibe at PM

Countrymen swept streets, PM Modi went to London: RaGa

Criticizing PM Modi, RaGa said he was the only PM to ask people to clean streets while he went to London.

He claimed the BJP destroyed Tribal Rights Act which was meant to help adivasis.

"CM Raman Singh and PM Modi promised jobs, but today nearly 60,000 teacher posts, 13,000 lecturer posts are vacant and 3,000 Aadivasi schools were shut down," he added.

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