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27 Nov 2018

Arun Jaitley to Congress: Who was Sardar Patel's father?

Arun Jaitley asks 'Who is Sardar Patel's father?'

Launching fresh salvo at Congress over its leader's question 'Who is the father of Prime Minister Narendra Modi', Finance Minister in a Facebook post on Tuesday, asked who was the father of freedom fighter of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel.

Jaitley slammed Congress' way of judging leaders and asked, "What is the name of Gandhiji's father; What is the name of Sardar Patel's wife?"

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Arun Jaitley asks 'Who is Sardar Patel's father?'
Backstory: With question on PM Modi's father, leader sparked row


Backstory: With question on PM Modi's father, leader sparked row

A video surfaced on social media which showed Congress leader Vilasrao Muttemwar asking a worrying question.

He said, "The world knows who the father of Rahul Gandhi was, who the grandmother of Rahul Gandhi was, but nobody knows the name of Modi's father."

Later, in a rally, PM Modi asked why was his father, who died 30 years ago, being dragged in politics now.


For Congress, only surname matters: Jaitley

Jaitley said for Congress merit, talent, ability to inspire & lead aren't important virtues, it only focused on one's surname.

"The argument given was that if you represent the legacy of a well-known family, it is a political point in your favor," he wrote.

He termed this was a tragedy of Congress and lamented its impact on the nation.

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Contributions of Sardar Patel are second to none: Jaitley

Jaitley explains how families have ruined things

Glamorizing a family

Jaitley explains how families have ruined things

Underlining the consequences of 'glamorizing one family', Jaitley wrote it was dangerous both for the country and the party whom they belonged to.

He said for the last 71 years the country has suffered due to three parties, one in Delhi (the Gandhi family) and two in Kashmir (the families of Omar Abdullah and Mehbooba Mufti).

"The consequences are obvious," he wrote.

Congress wanted to turn India to 'disciplined democracy'


India of 1971 and 2019 isn't the same: Jaitley

Further, Jaitley wrote India of 2019 is different from that of 1971.

"If the Congress Party wants the 2019 elections to be between Prime Minister Modi, who is the son of lesser-known parents and someone who is known only for his parentage rather than capacity, merit, and competence, the BJP would gladly accept the challenge," he wrote and added let this be the agenda.

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