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03 Jan 2019

#RafaleDeal: Rahul Gandhi tweets four-questions for Narendra Modi, without number-3

Rahul Gandhi tweets 4 questions for Narendra Modi

Congress President Rahul Gandhi, on Wednesday, tweeted four questions for Prime Minister Narendra Modi on the Rafale deal.

However, the list didn't include question no. 3, which RaGa tweeted separately hours later.

He asked if PM Modi will answer the questions directly in the Lok Sabha on Thursday, or send a 'proxy'.

On Wednesday too, the multi-crore deal was discussed in the Lower House.

In context

Rahul Gandhi tweets 4 questions for Narendra Modi

The first tweet of Rahul Gandhi

The obvious mistake was pointed out by many


The obvious mistake was pointed out by many

The error in the list didn't go unnoticed by social media users, including Defense Minister Nirmala Sitharaman.

She tweeted, "A student who fails in the classroom boasts and challenges from outside."

In what seemed like more of damage control, RaGa tweeted question number 3. He wrote since Lok Sabha speaker 'forbid' him from mentioning 'Goa tape', he held back on that.

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The complete list of questions, including number 3

Lok Sabha

RaGa attacked Centre over Rafale

In the Lok Sabha, the Opposition and Centre fiercely attacked each other.

RaGa referred to PM Modi's first interview of 2019, calling it 'scripted', and said the entire nation sought answers from him.

He asked why was HAL removed as a partner, the number of jets brought down from 126 to 36 and pricing of the deal changed.

Then in press conference, he dared PM Modi

Press conference

Then in press conference, he dared PM Modi

Later, RaGa addressed the press and claimed he only needed 20 minutes to debate with PM Modi on Rafale.

He also brushed aside the denial of BJP minister Vishwajit Rane. The Goa minister claimed he didn't speak to anyone on Rafale.

The Congress is firing bullets at BJP on basis of tape which alleges former Defense Minister Manohar Parrikar has Rafale files 'under his bed'.

RaGa attacks ANI editor at press meet, she shoots back

Jaitley's words

Meanwhile, Jaitley spoke about Bofors, National Herald, AugustaWestland

Union Finance Minister Arun Jaitley defended the Rafale deal and reminded the floor of scams under UPA.

He mentioned Bofors scam and said RaGa played in the lap of one Q (hinting towards Ottavio Quattrocchi).

He shot down the demand of Joint Parliamentary Committee probe in Rafale and noted the Supreme Court was satisfied with the process which was followed.

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