PM Modi's fourth interaction with Humans of Bombay


04 Feb 2019

Here's what PM Modi's mother told him during his rise

Prime Minister Narendra Modi recently had his fourth interaction with popular Facebook page, Humans of Bombay.

In his earlier interactions, Modi had spoken about his childhood, his association with the RSS, and his visit to the Himalayas.

During this interaction, Modi opened up about his relationship with his mother, and how her words inspired him.

Here's what he had to say.


Modi becoming CM had a more profound impact on Heeraben

Modi becoming CM had a more profound impact on Heeraben

Opening up about his mother, Heeraben Modi's reaction to becoming Prime Minister, Modi said his becoming the Chief Minister of Gujarat had a more profound effect on the 98-year-old.

Modi was living in Delhi when his name for the post of Gujarat CM was announced.

When he shifted to Gujarat, Heeraben, who lives in Ahmedabad with Modi's brother, was just happy that her son was shifting close to her.

Modi recalls his shifting to Gujarat

"When I reached [Ahmedabad], the atmosphere was festive and celebrations had begun. But my mother just looked at me, hugged me and said, 'The best thing is that you will be back in Gujarat now!' -- such is a mother's nature," said Modi.

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Yet, Heeraben's words of advice stayed with Modi

However, it was Heeraben's words of advice that had a profound impact on Modi.

Heeraben had brought up her children under difficult circumstances, and had never had the luxury of having material comforts.

Neither did she understand the importance of the post Modi would take up in Gujarat.

Yet, what she told Modi then has stayed with the Prime Minister to this day.

Heeraben's words of advice to Modi

"...'Dekh bhai, I don't understand what you do, but promise me you will never take a bribe -- don't ever commit that sin'. Those words really impacted me...A woman who has lived in poverty her entire life and who has never had material comforts, during an abundant and celebratory time, asked me to not take a bribe," recalled Modi.


Even today, Modi says his roots remain strong

Even today, Modi says his roots remain strong

Concluding his interaction with Humans of Bombay, Modi explained that thanks to his mother, his roots remain strong despite his meteoric rise to power.

He also recalled that his mother never had high aspirations for Modi, and even if he had landed an ordinary job, she would have been equally happy.

The only thing that matters to her is honesty and integrity, Modi explained.

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