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08 Mar 2019

#NewsBytesExclusive: 'Will drink venom to defeat BJP,' says Raghav Chadha

Raghav Chadha, one of the youngest politicians in India, doesn't have a sprawling office, as one would imagine.

Chattering construction workers and noise of drill machines make for the ambiance of his workplace. But the words of the CA-turned-politician trump the unnecessary clangor.

Chadha's innate calmness and self-confidence tell you, he is ready to take on all his political opponents.

He spoke to NewsBytes about his party AAP, alliance with Congress and Delhi's education system.


Chadha thanks Kejriwal for trusting him

Chadha thanks Kejriwal for trusting him

Chadha, who has been associated with AAP since its inception and was also part of India Against Corruption movement, will contest Lok Sabha from South Delhi seat.

Ready to jump into the big political arena, Chadha thanked Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal for trusting him.

"I don't have any godfather in politics or money power. Yet, the belief in me is immense," said Chadha.


Chadha is happy with whatever AAP achieved in education sector

Since coming to power, AAP has worked relentlessly to change government schools. From infrastructure to new courses, AAP has set new benchmarks.

When asked about this, a proud Chadha said state government rectified all mistakes and the world recognized their efforts.

"A party with no full control over the state's administration did wonders and changed the way people see government schools today," Chadha added.

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Chadha blames Centre for stalling important projects

Chadha blames Centre for stalling important projects

However, Chadha stressed there's a long way to go. He said many infrastructure projects failed to see the light of the day because of constraints on the government.

"Politics by the Centre and Lieutenant Governor (Anil Baijal) has stopped us from completing our plans, which were in the pipeline," he claimed.

Reiterating Kejriwal's stand, Chadha said Delhi's statehood will solve the problems.


Upcoming elections will be about "saving country", says Chadha

AAP has been pretty keen to join hands with Congress for elections, but the latter refused it.

Giving his opinion on the alliance, Chadha said it was need of the hour.

Explaining AAP's idea, Chadha said, "One opposition candidate against BJP everywhere will help in getting all the anti-BJP votes together. We are ready to fight to save the country from BJP."

Slamming Congress

Congress and BJP are working together, claims Chadha

Congress and BJP are working together, claims Chadha

Congress' refusal quite clearly miffed AAP and its members. Not mincing his words, Chadha said Congress doesn't want an alliance as it was helping BJP.

"BJP helped Congress in winning against AAP in 2017 Punjab elections and now Congress is returning the favor. Congress' stand in Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, and Bengal made it clear that it's trying to help BJP," Raghav added.


Chadha explains why AAP wanted to join hands with Congress

Considering AAP made a place for itself in national politics by berating Congress, its desperation for alliance got people talking.

When asked about this switch in AAP's stand, Chadha said, "We fought against corruption and not against any party in 2015."

He added the values haven't changed but first it's important to save democracy from Modi-Shah.

"If there will be no democracy, then how will we fight against corruption," asked Chadha.


Remembering last elections, Chadha says Congress doesn't have much left

Remembering last elections, Chadha says Congress doesn't have much left

Notably, Congress criticized AAP for trying to forge an alliance and claimed the party was losing people's support.

When asked about this, Chadha smirked and said, "We won 67 out 70 seats in 2015, while Congress has lost all its vote share in the state and people of Delhi know better. We are up for alliance just to make sure that the anti-BJP votes don't split."


Only one candidate should be fielded against BJP, feels Chadha

During the conversation, Chadha made it clear that AAP will put all its might in fighting BJP. He said, "We are ready to drink venom to defeat BJP."

He added opposition should field only one candidate opposite BJP to ensure victory. "It is happening in Uttar Pradesh and Maharashtra. This is important for strengthening the democracy," he added.

Notably, AAP will contest from Delhi, Haryana, Punjab, Chandigarh, and Goa.

South Delhir

Will end goonda raj in politics, says Chadha

Will end goonda raj in politics, says Chadha

On issues crippling South Delhi, Chadha said the area lacked basic amenities like electricity, tap water, healthcare, and good roads.

He claimed residents haven't even seen their MP in the last five years. In 2014, BJP's Ramesh Bidhuri won the seat.

When asked about his plans for the constituency, Chadha said, "We want to end goonda raj in politics."


Chadha reveals how AAP plans to fight fake news

This election season parties won't only be battling on the ground but will be fighting it out in the virtual world too. As elections will approach, separating fake news from real would become more difficult.

And Chadha revealed what AAP has decided to do. "If BJP tries to spread fake news, we immediately put out the fact as the counter to it," he said.

Party issues

So does AAP have internal democracy? Absolutely, says Chadha

So does AAP have internal democracy? Absolutely, says Chadha

While AAP may have been talking about "saving democracy", its members have complained the party lacks the same.

But Chadha said the party is run by different people having different mindsets.

"It is not a sign of weakness but of strength that varying people are a part of the same party. This is proof of a healthy democracy," Chadha said, signing off.

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