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25 Mar 2019

#NewsBytesExclusive: Rahul is illiterate, Kejriwal is power-hungry, says BJP MP

Veteran politician and Member of Parliament from South Delhi, Ramesh Bidhuri is known for keeping his views straight and strong.

Bidhuri, who joined politics 25 years ago, in 1993, is also BJP's co in-charge in Uttar Pradesh.

In an exclusive interview with NewsBytes, Bidhuri talked about Rahul Gandhi, Aam Aadmi Party, BJP's agenda in the upcoming elections and more.

Here are the excerpts.


Nothing is impossible in Modi government, says Bidhuri

Nothing is impossible in Modi government, says Bidhuri

Bidhuri believes that the speed at which the work was done under Prime Minister Narendra Modi was impeccable.

"In my 25 years of career, this was the first time, under the leadership of PM Modi, when nothing seemed impossible, especially regarding development compared to last 65 years," he said.

He added 100% of people will reap the benefit of policies in time.


India will be corruption free if BJP wins again: Bidhuri

BJP's promises of development and a corruption-free government still resonate with masses.

Speaking about the same, Bidhuri said, "We have eradicated about 70% corruption, if not 100%. Projects worth crores of rupees were completed without corruption."

He added the current government has "zero" tolerance towards corruption.

"BJP has no corruption cases in five years. If elected, India will be corruption free by 2022," he claimed.

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Is Rahul descendant of Harishchandra, asks Bidhuri

Is Rahul descendant of Harishchandra, asks Bidhuri

While BJP claims it has a spotless reputation, Congress President Rahul Gandhi has leveled crony capitalism charges on the party.

Using Rafale deal, he repeatedly targeted PM Modi. When asked about this, Bidhuri said, "Is Rahul a descendant of Harishchandra? He is an illiterate politician."

He stressed that Rahul questioned SC, CAG reports and doesn't trust the Cabinet either. "He shouldn't be trusted," said Bidhuri.

Congress' chances

Priyanka won't make any difference in UP, feels Bidhuri

When asked about Congress' position in Delhi, Bidhuri said the party was only banking on anti-BJP votes. "Majority of people have already discarded Congress," he said.

Bidhuri, who has been given an important position in UP as well, said Priyanka Gandhi (the in-charge of UP East) won't pose any challenge.

"The people of UP do not put a snake around their neck," remarked Bidhuri.


Kejriwal is power-hungry: Bidhuri

Kejriwal is power-hungry: Bidhuri

Further, Bidhuri also commented on AAP's desperation to forge an alliance with Congress.

He said, "Arvind Kejriwal came into the politics criticizing the Congress government and now he is desperate for an alliance. This proves that he has an internal survey that shows his hold in Delhi is no more."

The BJP leader also claimed that Kejriwal will do "anything for power".


AAP is fooling people in name of full statehood: Bidhuri

One of the long-standing demands of AAP is Delhi's full statehood. But Bidhuri said AAP was just fooling people.

"They are promising Delhi of full-statehood and are flattering Congress for that. Congress is responsible for the situation, how can it help undo the decision made under their rule," he said.

South Delhi

AAP can't talk about hooliganism, advised Bidhuri

AAP can't talk about hooliganism, advised Bidhuri

A few days ago, AAP's Raghav Chadha told NewsBytes that if he wins from South Delhi he would end "goonda raj" in the constituency.

When asked to comment on this, Bidhuri smirked and said, "Who hit Delhi's chief Secretary? (An) AAP member pushed Manoj Tiwari. Raghav should know, this is the real hooliganism."

He added BJP created MCD schools, hospitals, and community centers, whereas AAP "did nothing".


AAP claims Centre isn't letting them work, Bidhuri rubbishes it

AAP has constantly blamed Centre for delaying development in Delhi.

On this, Bidhuri said, "If the Centre has stalled their projects, then what are they congratulating Delhi for in their advertisements."

He said AAP was doing politics on the basis of lies and false promises. "Out of 1,100 schools can they even show 10% of schools with facilities like a public school," he asked.


Bidhuri claims BJP created 14 crore job

Bidhuri claims BJP created 14 crore job

As BJP goes to seek votes this season, it will have to speak on the employment crisis.

Giving his opinion on this, Bidhuri said PM Modi promised 1 crore jobs but created 14 crore.

"It is not easy to provide jobs to 85 crore young people in just four-five years. We have set the target of 2022 for the same," he said, promising this time things will move faster.

BJP's agenda for 2019 include terrorism, nationalism, and development: Bidhuri

A confident Bidhuri said BJP will win all seven seats in Delhi and 300 seats across the country. "People of India and Delhi know who supports the tukde-tukde gang. BJP will fight elections on the agendas of terrorism, development, and nationalism," he said in conclusion.

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