Rahul Gandhi accuses PM Modi of corruption

Rahul Gandhi accuses PM Modi,Rahul Gandhi accuses PM Modi of corruption
  • Rahul Gandhi made serious accusations against PM Modi earlier today.
  • He claimed that he had detailed information about "personal corruption" by the PM.
  • He said he wanted to present this in the Lok Sabha but was not being allowed to do so by the government.
  • AAP leader Arvind Kejriwal said that if Gandhi had proof, what was stopping him from revealing information outside Parliament?

Gandhi supported by opposition parties


Rahul Gandhi made these allegations against PM Modi in a press conference which appeared to be strongly supported by opposition parties. Several parties from the opposition were present at the press conference including parties like TMC, NCP and the Left.

Government demands apology from Rahul Gandhi

14 Dec 2016
Government demands apology from Rahul Gandhi
  • Rahul Gandhi's allegations of corruption against PM Modi created an uproar among members of the ruling dispensation.
  • Gandhi's allegations were dismissed by senior BJP leaders as being "baseless".
  • Parliamentary Affairs Minister, Ananth Kumar, said Gandhi made these accusations out of "desperation".
  • Kumar also accused the opposition parties for not letting the house function and blaming others for the ruckus.

Prakash Javadekar mocks opposition


HRD Minister Prakash Javadekar said, "They (opposition leaders) are completely exposed now. The stings show they are demanding huge commission to convert black money into white. While we are busy in changing the face of the country, they are busy in changing notes."

Modi received kickbacks from Sahara: Rahul Gandhi

21 Dec 2016
Modi received kickbacks from Sahara,Modi received money from Sahara
  • Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi on Tuesday accused PM Modi of accepting kickbacks from the Sahara group of companies as Gujarat Chief Minister.
  • He also said that the Income Tax department has records of all the 9 payments made by Sahara to Prime Minister.
  • Ironically, on 25th November, 2016, the SC had already ruled that no investigation could be ordered based on the aforementioned reports.

Others involved in corruption

Do you know?

The same papers Rahul Gandhi quoted to accuse Prime Minister of Modi also name erstwhile Rajya Sabha member Jayanthi Natarajan and Ex-Chief Minister of Delhi, Sheila Dixit.

PM, Gandhi in a verbal standoff

22 Dec 2016
PM, Gandhi in a verbal standoff
  • The Prime Minister on Thursday made a statement about the Congress vice president, Rahul Gandhi without naming him and said, "My joy has had no bounds since he learned how to give speeches."
  • Gandhi replied back saying he "doesn't mind being ridiculed as long as the PM answers citizens' questions" about his alleged corruption and holds accountability "for attacking the poor" with demonetization.

Sahara Diaries documents puts Sheila Dixit in a fix

26 Dec 2016
Sahara Diaries documents puts Sheila Dixit in a fix
  • The Congress posted a list linked to the Sahara bribery case on Twitter in which a reference to its leader Sheila Dikshit also allegedly figured; Dikshit junked the list saying there was no truth in the allegations.
  • The list was meant to bolster the Congress's allegations of corruption in the PMO.
  • The BJP rejected the revelation saying the SC had already cleared the matter.

Sahara India granted immunity from prosecution

05 Jan 2017
Sahara India granted immunity from prosecution
  • The Income Tax Settlement Commission (ITSC) has agreed with Sahara India's claims that the diaries recovered from raids showing pay-offs to politicians lacked "evidentiary value."
  • The ITSC order says only ₹137.5 crore would be taxable, and gave Sahara 12 instalments to pay the tax due to "difficult times" in the company.
  • The move dilutes Rahul Gandhi's and Arvind Kejriwal's allegations of corruption against Modi.

SC dismisses petition seeking probe into Sahara diaries

11 Jan 2017
SC dismisses petition seeking probe into Sahara diaries
  • The Supreme Court has dismissed a petition seeking a CBI probe into the Sahara-Birla diaries, saying there was no case to be made.
  • The court argued that diary entries could not be permissible as evidence and that independent evidence would be required for a probe to be ordered.
  • The Attorney General of India welcomed the decision on behalf of the Centre.