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15 Apr 2019

#NewsBytesSurvey: Youth happy with Modi, 70% think he would win

NewsBytes survey finds people are content with BJP

With general elections officially beginning last week, the eyes of the world are set on India.

For the two biggest parties- Congress and BJP, the stakes are different. While the former is eyeing a resurrection, the latter has put all its weight behind Prime Minister Narendra Modi's aura.

Safe to say, it has become a one-man show. And according to our survey, PM Modi will get another term.

In context

NewsBytes survey finds people are content with BJP
NewsBytes judged the mood of the nation through survey


NewsBytes judged the mood of the nation through survey

NewsBytes posed 11 questions to netizens and asked them to rate the present government.

The questions ranged from PM Modi's action against terrorism to women safety, from clean drinking water to the condition of roads, from jobs to inflation, from corruption to Swachh Bharat.

6,607 people took the survey and the results hint that PM Modi is getting a second term.


In electricity, roads, drinking water department, Centre got thumbs up

A record 81% of respondents said the condition of electricity has improved in their area since PM Modi came to power.

67% told roads and highways have become better, while 23% said the condition was the same as before, 10% said it deteriorated.

64% of respondents said the availability of clean drinking water improved after 2014, but 36% said this wasn't the case.

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54% believed women are safer than before

Women's safety

54% believed women are safer than before

Around 54% said it became safer for women after 2014. 28% didn't agree with this and 18% said they couldn't comment.

On the question of improved public transportation, 64% said Centre has made definite improvement, while 36% disagreed.

When asked if PM Modi controlled inflation as compared to previous government, 57% answered in the positive. 23% said they couldn't comment and 20% opined inflation hasn't reduced.


However, on jobs' front, citizens are unhappy

The Opposition keeps targeting the Centre over lack of jobs, and respondents of our survey seem to agree.

52% said steps have been taken to weed out unemployment, but 48% commented the problem hasn't been solved.

Meanwhile, 70% people said India was cleaner now while 21% answered in the negative and 9% didn't know what to say.

69% were content with how PM Modi handled terrorism


69% were content with how PM Modi handled terrorism

On the issue of terrorism, 69% said PM Modi has taken steps to combat it. 17% disagreed and 14% said it was a long-term problem and couldn't vanish away immediately.

52% claimed government officials became less corrupt in the last five years. Notably, 33% believed nothing changed and 15% chose to remain quiet.

70% of respondents want PM Modi to take office again.


It seems the Modi wave hasn't died down

The results of the anticipated polls will be announced on May 23. That is when we will know if PM Modi can pull off what Atal Bihari Vajpayee couldn't- a second consecutive term at the office.

2019 may not be 2014 (as there is no promise of acchhe din), but it seems PM Modi has managed to sell the "Great Indian Dream" to voters.

He might win elections only because of the faith he has generated.

Demographics of the respondents

Here are the demographics of the respondents: 1) 80% of the respondents are under 34. 2) 91% of the respondents are males. 3) 53% are graduates, and 23% are post-graduates.

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