Rahul Gandhi's aircraft witnesses engine trouble


26 Apr 2019

Rahul Gandhi's aircraft suffers from engine troubles: Details here

On Friday, Congress President Rahul Gandhi tweeted that the aircraft he was traveling in faced engine troubles. As a result, he was forced to return to New Delhi.

Rahul was bound for Patna in Bihar. He added that the rallies scheduled to happen at Samastipur (Bihar), Balasore (Odisha) & Sangamner (Maharashtra), would be delayed.

He apologized for the inconvenience.

Here's what went down.

Rahul asked person holding camera to switch it off

Rahul posted the 21-second video on his Twitter account. Towards the end of the clip, Rahul can be heard telling the person, who shot the video, to "switch it off".

Rahul tweeted video of engine trouble

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Past incidents

Rahul's plane suffered technical snag last year as well

Rahul's plane suffered technical snag last year as well

This is not the first time Rahul's aircraft got caught in a technical snag.

In April last year, when Rahul was bound for Hubbali in Karnataka for election meetings, his chartered plane "banked sharply to the left and suddenly started losing altitude".

It was reported that the plane's body started shuddering. Subsequently, a police complaint was filed as Congress cried conspiracy.


DGCA had said Rahul's plane had close shave

In August, Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) spoke about the incident. The aviation body revealed that Rahul's aircraft was just 20 seconds away from the crash.

Dismissing allegations of a conspiracy, DGCA underscored that "unaware crew" couldn't bring the plane under control immediately.

Apparently, the plane was in auto-pilot mode and crew took some time to regain control over it.

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