CCTV footage shames the AAP leadership

11 Aug 2015 | By Vaneet Randhawa

In an embarrassing turn of events for the AAP, CCTV footage showed AAP leader Alka Lamba vandalizing a sweet shop in Kashmere Gate.

Ironically, Lamba had earlier claimed that a man in the shop hurled a stone at her, while the police watched.

However, the video shows the minister hurling out the shopkeepers cash register and AAP workers vandalizing the shop.

In context: All eyes on AAP leader Alka Lamba

9 Aug 2015AAP leader attacked on an anti-drug drive

Alka Lamba, the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) MLA from Chandni Chowk was attacked while on her anti-drug drive in north Delhi's Kashmere Gate area.

An unidentified man hurled a stone at her when she was addressing the locals there.

The AAP MLA was rushed to Aruna Asaf Ali Hospital as she had allegedly sustained a head injury and was discharged after treatment.

Alka Lamba tweets about the attack

Alka Lamba tweeted shortly after the attack, "This is the result of fight against drugs. They attacked me and it resulted in head injuries, but despite the attack I won't back down."
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9 Aug 2015AAP hints at conspiracy behind the attack

Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal tweeted soon after the attack "Proud of you Alka."

While some of AAP leadership claimed that a drug cartel from that area was behind the attack, others seemed to hint towards the involvement of BJP.

Senior AAP leader Ashutosh said that the strike on Lamba was a conspiracy and that the AAP "will fight back".

AAP links the attack to BJP's OP Sharma

AAP accused BJP MLA OP Sharma for the incident, contending that he owned the Shiv Mishthan Bhandar and a worker from his shop had hurled the stone at Lamba.

10 Aug 2015BJP lashes at AAP: calls incident a 'drama'

BJP MLA Vijender Gupta, leader of the Opposition in Delhi assembly condemned AAP's accusations at his party and denied MLA OP Sharma's involvement.

He also argued that the AAP was trying to gain "political mileage" through the event.

The 2 parties lashed at each other on social media with the BJP calling the incident a 'drama' and AAP terming BJP as 'insecure'.

OP Sharma calls Lamba a drug addict

OP Sharma retaliated by calling Lamba a "drug addict" herself and comparing her to the likes of Phoolan Devi and her vandalism as "Gundaraj"!
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11 Aug 2015CCTV footage shames the AAP leadership

11 Aug 2015Lamba on the defensive

Shortly after the CCTV footage showed Lamba hurling things in the sweet shop, she said that the footage was of the events that happened 'after' she had been attacked.

Even AAP leader Ashutosh sided with Lamba saying that her "reaction was natural" and was a "reaction to police inaction on an alleged drugs racket."

The Delhi Police has filed case of trespass against Lamba.