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07 Feb 2017

Lok Sabha listens to PM Modi in rapt attention

PM Modi addresses the Parliament

Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the members of Lok Sabha earlier today.

His speech was in response to the President's 'Motion of Thanks'.

The Prime Minister spoke on a wide variety of issues including Demonetization, 'Jan Shakti', Swachh Bharat, Black Money, Corruption and other similar pertinent topics.

Here are the highlights from his speech.

In context

PM Modi addresses the Parliament

On Uttarakhand's earthquake

With respect to yesterday's earthquake in Uttarakhand, PM Modi assured the house that Centre was providing assistance to the States and the situation was being closely monitored and some emergency dedicated teams had already reached there.

PM Modi on the power of 'Jan Shakti'

Deeply valued

PM Modi on the power of 'Jan Shakti'

PM Modi spoke about how strongly he believed in the power of 'Jan Shakti' but somewhere along the way 'Jan Shakti' has been forgotten and that was unacceptable to him.

He credited 'Jan Shakti' for allowing him, a member of a poor family, to become India's PM.

He urged everyone to "understand & appreciate inherent strength" of Indians and "take India to newer heights".

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Aim for 'Cleaner India'

PM Modi speaks on Demonetization

PM Modi compared demonetization to 'Swachh Bharat' and said it had the capacity to usher in a 'clean India': free from corruption and black money.

He strongly defended demonetization and said the decision had "cleansed India and ended the shadow economy."

Modi said the government was always ready for a debate but the opposition was only interested in TV Bytes.


PM Modi on Aadhaar, houses for poor and corruption

PM Modi appraised Lok Sabha and said thanks to technology, government seized 4 lakh fake ration cards.

He added the government was committed to fighting corruption: 84 policies have been connected to 'Direct Benefit Transfer' thereby removing the middle man.

PM Modi stated that government was keeping their promise on 'Housing for all' and had constructed over 22 lakh houses in one year.


Key statements on road construction, budget and connecting India

PM Modi strongly endorsed Budget 2017 and said it was benefiting 96% of India.

He expressed his desire for a well connected India and said schools and work places should be connected with optic fibre.

A comparison was made with previous regime in construction of roads: from 69 kms of roads per day, currently, 110 kms of roads are being built daily.

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