2 years of AAP government in Delhi


14 Feb 2017

Taking stock of AAP's performance in Delhi

Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) stormed into power in Delhi by winning 67 out of 70 assembly seats.

AAP's manifesto made big-ticket promises to Delhi residents and promised to overhaul sectors like education, health, transport and more.

Governance of Delhi has been marked by frequent bouts of conflict between Delhi's LG and state government.

Let's take a look at AAP's performance over two years.

Unique initiative

Mohalla clinics a game changer?

Mohalla clinics a game changer?

AAP had promised to open 1000 Mohalla clinics but has so far opened 110, most of them in low-income neighbourhoods.

Clinics provide primary health care services for minor ailments and according to data, 23 lakh people have availed of medical services.

However, despite international acclaim this government initiative has a long way to go before it can lower burden of government hospitals.

Hurdles in operating Mohalla clinics

Increasing patients, slow technology and delay in paying doctors' salaries have led to operational problems. Clinics have limited timings and remain closed on Sunday creating problems for many. Inconsistencies in medical tests across clinics hamper their productivity.

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Graded action system

A 'graded action plan' has been notified by the centre which tasks every agency with counter pollution responsibilities. The implementation by the AAP government will be key in making an making a visible and evident impact on Delhi's pollution.

Unfulfilled promises

Pollution a critical problem

Delhi government did not have a clear road map to curb Delhi's pollution however it undertook drastic measures like odd-even after High Court called Delhi a "gas chamber".

Despite good intentions, government's preparations were ineffective and often reactionary when pollution levels spiked during the winters and post-Diwali.

Solutions like halting construction, use of sprinklers, curbing farm fires were sporadically implemented but weren't sustained.

Key milestones

Overhauling education sector

Overhauling education sector

AAP government has done decent work and succeeded in building a massive 8000 classrooms equivalent to 100 schools.

Government school teachers and principals have been sent abroad for training to imbibe best teaching practices.

Private schools built on government land have been barred from arbitrarily hiking fees.

Delhi students can now also avail of Rs 10 lakh loans for higher education without providing collateral.

Long way to do

Struggling to tackle transport woes

Despite making a multitude of promises, Delhi's transport sector has yet to see any marked improvement.

DTC's ridership has dropped by one-third in the last 4-5 years and over 20 percent of bus routes are obsolete.

Dilapidated buses and unreliable services have seen Delhi residents avoid using public transport.

Promises made to add low-floor and premium category buses have gone almost entirely unfulfilled.

Stuck in a limbo

Fate of unauthorized colonies unclear

Fate of unauthorized colonies unclear

Many unauthorized colonies in Delhi have been 'regularized' but only on paper.

There are nearly 1700 such colonies which house a massive 50 lakh people.

AAP government had promised to provide electricity, sewage facility and ensure residents have ownership rights.

However the work is stuck midway as Central Urban Development Ministry has asked state government for property details which will take months to prepare.


What do Delhi residents say?

A study by Sandhya Times has revealed that over 61% of Delhiites surveyed are not happy with the AAP government's performance.

68% of respondents are not happy with measures on women safety, while 64% rate AAP's steps on Jan Lokpal Bill unsatisfactory.

Ironically, 60% feel AAP hasn't been able to reduce corruption - an issue on which the party ideology is based.

20 Feb 2017

AAP: Mohalla Sabha funds remain unspent in Delhi

Data revealed that the Rs. 350 crore allocated by the AAP government for Mohalla Sabhas in Delhi during last year's budget, has remained unspent.

The spat between the AAP government and former LG Najeeb Jung delayed the implementation of several such schemes. AAP is hopeful that Anil Baijal would be more cooperative.

AAP officials expressed hope that Baijal would be more accommodating than Jung.

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