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25 Feb 2017

PM Modi's powerful speech in Manipur

Prime Minister Modi addresses rally in Manipur

Ahead of assembly elections in Manipur on March 4, PM Narendra Modi addressed a rally today in the state capital.

Manipur has been under Congress rule for last 15 years; BJP is contesting alone and is making an aggressive play to win here.

In his speech, PM Modi touched upon troubling issues in Manipur and his promise to change things.

Here are the highlights.

In context

Prime Minister Modi addresses rally in Manipur

Corrosive influence

PM lashes out at Congress

PM lamented that despite Manipur being called 'Switzerland of the East' there was no semblance of any development.

He pointedly accused the Congress government for failing to provide development, employment for youth and even basic amenities for the under-privileged in the state.

However, he said the Congress had been successful in one thing: pitting one community against the another and benefiting from it.

Congress's gameplan

Rampant corruption; delayed prosperity

PM Modi said corruption was so rampant in Manipur that Congress government had set special 'rates' for each job.

He said that even though Central government was ready to provide subsidized electricity, the ruling Congress refused to accept and deliberately slowed down development.

Modi stressed on prosperity in eastern states prerequisite for India to succeed, reiterating why the BJP released 'Act East Policy'.

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BJP's plethora of promises


BJP's plethora of promises

PM Modi said elect us, and we'll accomplish in 15 months what Congress hasn't in 15 years.

He said BJP would make Manipur an organic state and all households would have 24-hours electricity.

Reiterating that even essential commodities weren't provided, Modi said BJP would rectify this if voted to power.

Separately, he committed to irrigation for farmers, education for children and medicines for elderly.

BJP will end troublesome 3-month economic blockade

PM promised that "No economic blockade would be allowed if BJP comes to power in Manipur and I can assure you this and that the rights of common people would be ensured."

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