UP: 1 in 4 MLAs facing criminal charges

12 Mar 2017 | By NewsBytes Desk

Data has revealed that one out of every four MLAs voted to power in UP are facing serious criminal charges. Data showed that of the 403 MLAs voted to power, 103 face criminal cases against them.

However, some of the MLAs claim they are yet to be convicted.

Reports call UP the most "criminal-infested" assembly which went to polls this year.

In context: Criminals voted to power in UP

What are the charges?

103 out of 403 MLAs face serious criminal charges in UP. These charges include, murder, attempt to murder, rape, communal disharmony, electoral violations, kidnapping, culpable homicide, and crimes against women.

SPCriminals in Samajwadi Party

11 winners from the Samajwadi Party face serious criminal cases against them.

SP's Nahid Hasan, who won the Kairana Assembly seat faces charges of wrongful restraint, intentional breach of peace and communal disharmony.

The SP also featured spouses of known convicted criminals and gangsters in their line-up.

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Criminals in BSP

BSPCriminals in BSP

Of the winners from the BSP, 3 MLAs face serious charges against them.

Notorious politician Mukhtar Ansari won on a BSP ticket and faces 16 cases pending against him including 8 of murder and attempt to murder.

Ansari even said "If someone calls me mafia-don, it makes no difference." This has been Ansari's fifth consecutive win, and he won contesting from prison four times.

BJPCriminals in the BJP

Despite winning the majority, the BJP also has the largest number of criminals in their ranks among all parties. 82 BJP MLAs face serious criminal charges.

BJP's women MLAs Sadhana Singh from Mughalsarai and Dr Reeta Joshi also face several serious criminal cases against them.

Notorious gangster Sushil Singh of the BJP won the Saiyadraza seat of Chandauli.

IndependentsIndependents, others

Amanmani Tripathi, an independent candidate contested from prison and was released on bail on Friday. He faces murder charges.

Independent candidate Raghuraj Pratap Singh, re-elected from Kunda faces eight criminal cases including kidnapping, attempted murder, and dacoity.

Other parties like Apna Dal and INDP had at least 6 criminal MLAs between them.

12 Mar 2017UP: 1 in 4 MLAs facing criminal charges

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2017 saw fewer criminal candidates: Research

A report released by the Association for Democratic Reforms said this year, UP had 12% lesser candidates with criminal cases as compared to the 2012 elections. The report added that most of those booked for heinous crimes, including crimes against women are from BSP.