Sonia Gandhi has a reply again for Modi

11 Sep 2015 | By Ankita

Congress President, Sonia Gandhi reacted to Modi's earlier barb on her by questioning Modi's silence over various alleged controversies that are unsolved yet.

Gandhi mainly wanted to point out the atrocities of two major controversies concerning BJP ministers- the Vyapam Scam and the Lalit Modi-Vasundhara Raje row.

"Why did he not have a word to say about these things?" stated Sonia Gandhi accusing Modi.

In context: BJP vs. Congress- the upsurging scoff battle!

Background-IA brief insight into the deadly Vyapam scam

The Vyapam scam involves illegal admission and recruitment in Madhya Pradesh.

The first FIR was launched way back in 2000 but the scam gained momentum in 2009 and turned deadly with a series of murders related to the scam since 2013.

Various politicians and bureaucrats are connected to the scam.

CM of MP- Shivraj Singh Chouhan, has been facing allegations related to the scam.

Background-IIThe Lalit Modi menace

External-Affairs Minister, Sushma Swaraj had allegedly helped former IPL commissioner, Lalit Modi to procure travel documents to UK while Lalit Modi was charged with financial impropriety by the Enforcement directorate.

Later Rajasthan's CM, Vasundhara Raje also got involved as she had allegedly testified in favour of Lalit's British immigration Application in 2011.

The government avoided investigation and has supported and backed Swaraj and Raje

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The jibe begins with 'hawabaazi' allegations

8 Sep 2015The jibe begins with 'hawabaazi' allegations

Addressing party-leaders at the Congress Working Committee, Congress-President Sonia Gandhi strongly accused Prime-Minister Narendra Modi by stating that he had abysmally failed to "match media events with actual accomplishments."

She stated that Modi's identity has been "reduced to unedifying flip flops" and promises during election-campaigns were "hawaabazi".

She charged the allegations regarding the downward slide of economy and absence of a coherent-policy on Pakistan.

Long tenure as Party-President

Sonia Gandhi has been the Congress party's President since 1998 and has now beome the longest serving chief of the Congress party.

9 Sep 2015Smriti Irani lashes out at Sonia Gandhi's comment

Union Minister Smriti Irani counter-attacked Gandhi's comment on Modi by stating that Gandhi was trying to veil the party's failure through such comments.

Referring to the string of controversies during UPA rule, Irani mentioned that Congress had emptied national treasury during their term.

She also referred to Rahul Gandhi's stir regarding farmer issues in Amethi as incidents of 'hawaabazi" politics by the Congress.

10 Sep 2015Narendra Modi refutal against Gandhi's comment

PM Narendra Modi refuted Sonia Gandhi by stating that "scamsters are unnerved" due to tough stance on black-money and are trying to create roadblocks in the path of reforms.

He mentioned the Congress to be "hawalabaaz" (scamsters) and assured that considerable developmental work has been done.

Addressing BJP workers in Bhopal, he said that Congress uses "disruptive tactics" because it couldn't handle Lok-Sabha-Elections(2014) defeat.

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11 Sep 2015Sonia Gandhi has a reply again for Modi