Prepare for a movement if exit polls ring true: Kejriwal

25 Apr 2017 | By Vaneet Randhawa
Delhi-MCD elections: Is AAP gearing towards another movement?

Addressing a meeting of poll observers before the MCD votes get counted, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal said that he would launch a movement if the exit poll results came true.

He said that a BJP sweep would prove that the elections were manipulated and EVM machines rigged.

He said this is exactly what had happened in Punjab, UP, Pune, Mumbai and Dholpur elections.

In context: Delhi-MCD elections: Is AAP gearing towards another movement?

Real ReasonNow political parties have found a new scapegoat: Rigged EVMs

Smarting from the heavy losses in Punjab elections, Kejriwal said that manipulated voting machines had transferred AAP votes to the SAD-BJP alliance in Punjab.

Similar accusations were levelled at the EC by BSP chief Mayawati who said that she would seek judicial intervention to investigate into the "tampering" in Uttar Pradesh elections.

The EC retaliated by throwing an open challenge to hack the EVMs.

23 Apr 2017Exit polls predict landslide victory for BJP in MCD elections

272 wards of Delhi had gone to polls on 23 April where BJP, Congress and AAP locked horns.

Exit polls suggested a landslide win for BJP with overall 202-220 seats in its piggy, while AAP struggled with 23 to 35, Congress 19 to 31 and others 2-8 (as per Axis India Today MCD exit poll).

The votes will be counted on 26 April.

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Why AAP needs the MCD win so bad?

An MCD win is important for AAP as this will be a litmus test for the party, whose plans to expand outside Delhi were thwarted in the recent assembly polls. AAP couldn't secure any seat in the Goa and managed only 20 in Punjab.

25 Apr 2017Prepare for a movement if exit polls ring true: Kejriwal

DetailsWhat the Congress had to say about the exit polls?

While Kejriwal lashed out at exit polls, Congress was rather cautious in its reaction.

Congress leaders stated that the results will be at best a close fight between Congress and BJP and AAP will remain a "distant" third.

Moreover, senior leader Chatar Singh said that Congress didn't give much importance to exit polls and would wait for actual results.

25 Apr 2017Kejriwal wants a movement over rigged MCD elections, Twitter reacts

While those supporting AAP supported the idea of 'Bharat band' over MCD loss, others were not so kind to Kejriwal's call for a movement.

One tweet read: "India Get Ready for the Father of All Drama Starring AK & CO. Releasing on 26th April. Advance Bookings Open".

Another said: "Will launch a Movement if people do not vote for @AamAadmiParty This guy is amazing".