Former AAP Punjab convenor quits over Mann's appointment

10 May 2017 | By Gaurav Jeyaraman
AAP's Punjab dreams deflating?

Former AAP convenor in Punjab, Gurpreet Singh Waraich, aka Ghuggi quit the party after the appointment of Bhagwant Mann as the convenor of the party's Punjab wing.

Ghuggi was removed from the post to make way for Mann, who was allegedly appointed on the condition that "he will not drink."

Speaking to reporters, Ghuggi said he resigned "With a heavy heart."

In context: AAP's Punjab dreams deflating?

10 May 2017Former AAP Punjab convenor quits over Mann's appointment

What did Ghuggi say?

Speaking to reporters, Ghuggi said "I am upset with the way I was removed. I can't work under the leadership of a person who has been appointed (by party convener Arvind Kejriwal) on the condition that he will not drink (alcohol)."
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Trouble for AAP in Punjab?

Dissent in AAPTrouble for AAP in Punjab?

According to Ghuggi, he attempted to rope in several high-profile leaders for the Punjab elections, but was not allowed to by the party.

He added that despite his suggestion to remove the 54 AAP observers in Punjab against whom there were complaints, Kejriwal refused to do so.

He added that the party appointed Mann without taking AAP's Punjab cadre into confidence.

AAP deviating from mandate: Ghuggi

Ghuggi alleged that AAP in Punjab had lost its direction. He said, "For Punjab, Punjabiyat whatever needs to be done, I will do that, but this party has deviated from its principles and it has become difficult for me to continue with this party."