Names of CVC and CIC posts cleared

2 Jun 2015 | By Siripriya
Delayed appointments - CVC and CIC

The posts of CVC (Chief Vigilance Commissioner) and CIC (Chief Information Commissioner) that have been lying vacant for over 9 months have finally been cleared.

This was done in two meetings between the Government and the opposition.

The meetings also have cleared the names of 3 Information Commissioners and at least one Vigilance Commissioner.

The formal announcement will take place after the President's assent.

In context: Delayed appointments - CVC and CIC

Who is the CIC?

The Chief Information Commissioner is the executive head of the Commission and "as per convention s/he decides the formation of benches, administrative and financial matters of the Commission besides distribution of workload which comes to halt in the absence."

28 Sep 2014CIC and CVC function without Chiefs

After the retirement of Rajiv Mathur in August and the stepping down of Pradeep Kumar in September, the positions of CIC and CVC respectively, lay empty.

The post of CIC remained unappointed due to the absence of the Leader of Opposition (LoP) in Lok Sabha, who forms a member of the selection panel of CIC.

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CIC and CVC posts continue to remain vacant

4 Nov 2014CIC and CVC posts continue to remain vacant

The posts of CIC and CVC still remained vacant, for various reasons. Selection of CIC needed LoP, who was absent.

Once this issue was solved, PMO sat on the file for nearly 3 months.

An empty CIC post would mean that all orders passed from CIC's office in the interim are null and void. Meanwhile, the vigilance commissioner became the acting CVC.

18 Jan 2015CVC, CIC appointments in due course - Jitendra Singh

Union Minister Jitendra Singh said the appointments of CVC and CIC will happen in due course of time.

He said there was a litigation in the Supreme Court on the appointments of CVC and VC, and there is no deliberate delay.

The process had started and the appointments will happen in due course.

23 May 2015PM-led panels to select CIC, CVC

​PM-led selection committees were to meet at the PM's residence to decide on the appointments of CIC and CVC.

Both CVC and CIC are appointed by the President on the recommendations of a 3-member committee.

While the CIC panel comprises of LoP and a Union Cabinet Minister nominated by PM, the CVC panel has the Home Minister and LoP as its members.

23 May 2015 Panels undecided yet on the appointments

The meeting by the selection panels at PM's residence for CIC, CVC appointments ended without a decision.

Since there is no LoP in the Lok Sabha, Congress party leader Mallikarjun Kharge was included in the selection panel for both the CIC and CVC.

203 applications were received for the post of CIC; ~30 applications were received for the post of CVC and vigilance commissioners.

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2 Jun 2015 Names of CVC and CIC posts cleared

New CIC appointed

Senior-most Information Commissioner Vijai Sharma became the new CIC on 9 June, however his tenure will end on 1 December as he will attain the age of 65 years.

19 Dec 2015RK Mathur appointed the new CIC

Prime Minister Narendra Modi-led committee, which consisted of leader of the Congress in Lok Sabha Mallikaarjun Kharge, and FM Arun Jaitley cleared the name of former Defence Secretary RK Mathur for the post of the Chief Information Commissioner (CIC).

Mathur will get a 3-year tenure as CIC.

President Pranab Mukherjee gave his nod for appointment of Mathur as CIC, making it official.