Kapil Mishra- Kejriwal is involved in 'hawala scam'

19 May 2017 | Written by Gaurav Jeyaraman; Edited by Mansi Motwani

Sacked Delhi Minister Kapil Mishra has levelled fresh allegations of money laundering against the AAP.

He stated that AAP and Arvind Kejriwal were into money laundering, which is why they were vehemently opposed to demonetization.

Mishra said AAP donors consisted of shell companies and tax defaulters. He alleged Kejriwal is involved in 'hawala scam'.

The AAP rubbished the claims calling it a BJP ploy.

In context: Kapil Mishra continues offensive against AAP

19 May 2017Kapil Mishra- Kejriwal is involved in 'hawala scam'

Business man claims he donated Rs. 2 crore to AAP

However, in a blow to Kapil Mishra, a Delhi-based business man Mukesh Kumar revealed that he had donated Rs. 2 crore to the party. Mishra had alleged that the donations came from shell companies.
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Mishra rubbished businessman's claims, says he was evading taxes

Mishra hits backMishra rubbished businessman's claims, says he was evading taxes

Mishra alleged that Mukesh Kumar was on the Delhi government's tax radar for defaulting on VAT payments just weeks before AAP came to power.

He said Kumar then made the transfers to AAP to avoid legal hassles.

Mishra added that the documents and invoices provided by Kumar showed the transactions were fraudulent and forged.

AllegationsWhat other allegations did Mishra make?

Mishra also stated that the Income Tax authorities have begun probing his allegations of shell companies set up by AAP MLA Shivcharan Goyal.

He said 16 shell companies run by Goyal deposited Rs. 2 crore with AAP in the Axis bank branch that was hauled up for money-laundering.

He said Kejriwal was trying to protect "one Hem Prakash Sharma, who is director in several companies."

Will send Kejriwal to Tihar jail: Mishra

"I have presented evidence on the Hawala case...It's been one week, but no one from the AAP has come up with any clarification. AAP gets fund from Hawala operator... Arvind Kejriwal's collar is in my hand. He will go to Tihar."

22 May 2017Would've been in jail if allegations were true, says Kejriwal

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal called allegations directed by his former cabinet colleague, Kapil Mishra, "baseless."

The CM was addressing a state-level convention at Punjabi Bagh organized by AAP, as part of a renewed outreach programme to connect with its voters.

He also said that if the allegations had one iota of truth in them, he would have been in jail by now.