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21 May 2017

'Who funded Ashutosh's Russia tour?'- Mishra rakes up number-plate scam

Amid the ongoing Kapil Mishra-AAP tussle, the sacked minister has now sent nine questions to Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal, asking him to divulge the source of funding for the Russia trip of party leaders Ashutosh and Sanjay Singh.

Mishra alleged the tour was funded by a company which was facing probe in a Rs. 400cr number plate scam.

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Fresh attack by Kapil Mishra over number-plate scam
I have posed nine questions to Kejriwal- Mishra


I have posed nine questions to Kejriwal- Mishra

Does the CM actually know the source of the trip's funding, Mishra asked, wondering why no action had been taken against the company in question after the AAP returned to power.

"I have posed nine questions to Kejriwal as I got details about one tour of Sanjay Singh and Ashutosh. When will you make details of foreign tours of AAP leaders public?" he asked.


What is the number plate scam?

The BJP had accused the AAP of being involved in a multi-crore number plate scam. The approved price in Delhi for a high security number plate was Rs. 119, but vehicle owners were being charged Rs. 1,200, it alleged.

It added instead of ending the contract, the AAP had given a long rope to the company in guise of arbitration.

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Had sent file to ACB despite Jung's 'no': AAP defends


Had sent file to ACB despite Jung's 'no': AAP defends

Responding to Mishra, AAP spokesperson Nagendar Sharma said a probe had been ordered into the scam during AAP's first term, but then Lieutenant Governor Najeeb Jung reversed the decision.

In January'16, the AAP government sent the file to the ACB despite Jung having directed arbitration.

The BJP fell silent on its accusations when it realized the file was already with the ACB, he added.

However, AAP mum on Mishra's Russia tour allegations

"Poor fellow has no clue of what he's speaking ! Who is misguiding him?" tweeted Sharma. However, the party didn't respond to his allegations about Ashutosh and Sanjay Singh's Russia tour.

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