BSP leader and his family murdered over property

23 May 2017 | By Mansi Motwani

Munawar Hassan, a leader of the Bahujan Samaj Party, his wife and 4 children were murdered by his business partner who wanted to seize the politician's properties.

According to a police officer, the suspect is a property dealer in Delhi named Sahid Khan alias Bunty.

Khan confessed to hiring contract killers for the same.

Khan, his friend and two contract killers have been arrested.

In context: The murder of a BSP politician and family

23 May 2017BSP leader and his family murdered over property

The CrimeDetails of the crime

According to Bunty, Hassan's wife Sonia along with their two teenage daughters Arzu and Arsha were shot dead in Meerut a month ago, and buried in crop fields along a highway.

Hassan's two sons, Akib and Shakib were allegedly strangled to death, then buried in a house on a disputed property in Burari.

Hassan was found shot dead in his bathroom on 20th May.

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InvestigationHow did the police find out?

42-year-old Hassan was released from Tihar jail on 17th May on interim bail; he had been arrested earlier this year for rape.

On finding his family missing, he lodged a complaint in the Burari police station.

On 20th May, Bunty called the police and said he found Hassan dead in his bathroom.

Bunty's changing statements and incomplete narrative prompted the police to interrogate him.