SC refuses to change Aadhaar limiting order

8 Oct 2015 | By Vaneet Randhawa

The Supreme Court declined to give a ruling on the plea to enable citizens to intentionally use Aadhaar cards to avail privileges under all social welfare schemes.

This essentially means SC's mandate which confined the use of Aadhaar cards to obtain subsidy on LPG cylinders and ration under public distribution system stays.

The matter will now be taken up by five-judge Constitution bench.

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23 Jul 2015Privacy becomes a hurdle in Aadhaar's way

The Aadhaar authorities had collected personal biometric data of individuals through various centres, without any law backing it.

Moreover, UIDAI had used many private parties to collect the data which led to the potential of it being misused.

Further, the information could be leaked or used for unintended purposes such as snooping, as there is no law guaranteed by the government to safeguard it.

24 Jul 2015Right to privacy isn't a fundamental right: Government

The government counsel told the Supreme Court that Indian citizens cannot claim the right to privacy.

The argument was advanced by Mukul Rohatgi, the Attorney General saying that the "Constitution makers did not intend to make right to privacy a fundamental right".

The argument came as Rohatgi defended the Aadhaar card which is being blamed for its 'intrusive nature' of storing people's information insecurely.

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90 crore Aadhaar cards issued so far

The Government of India has issued 90 crore (902 million) Aadhaar cards so far.
SC refers Aadhaar matter to constitution bench

11 Aug 2015SC refers Aadhaar matter to constitution bench

The SC referred a batch of petitions to a Constitution Bench that challenged the Centre's grand scheme to give Aadhaar card to all citizens and determine whether the right to privacy was a fundamental right.

The bench heard pleas against rulings of some states to make Aadhaar-cards mandatory for a range of exercises like salary, marriage, provident-fund disbursal, and property registration.

11 Aug 2015SC allows LPG and PDS link with Aadhaar

The SC authorized the application of Aadhaar cards for cooking gas users and Public Distribution System beneficiaries.

However, it reserved the approval for associating the biometric identification scheme to additional social welfare programmes.

SC in its ruling said that "no one would be denied benefits under social welfare schemes for want of the 11-digit unique identification number".

7 Oct 2015Centre pushes for all-round Aadhaar usage

The Centre, along with many important organisations approached the Supreme Court and made an ardent plea for authorizing the "voluntary use of Aadhaar cards" to "accurately identify beneficiaries for welfare schemes."

The Centre wanted the SC to modify its 11 August order on the issue.

The Centre said that it was not 'snooping' in anyone's bedroom but trying to provide benefits to all.

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8 Oct 2015SC refuses to change Aadhaar limiting order

15 Oct 2015SC links MNREGA, PF, pension to Aadhaar

The Supreme Court granted permission for use of Aadhaar cards "for MNREGA, Jan Dhan Yojana, pension and provident fund schemes" as opposed to just LPG and public distribution system.

A Constitution Bench said that this linking of Aadhaar for providing these services would be on 'voluntary basis' and that no one will be divested of any advantage for the lack of Aadhaar.