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24 May 2017

Modi's government fires 129 'non-performing' babus

From VIP to EIP: NDA's mantras!

Keeping in mind PM Modi's statement, "In the New India concept, instead of VIP, there has to be EIP or Every Person is Important," NDA government has been taking stringent measures to get rid of deadwood within its ranks to facilitate better governance.

According to reports, 129 government officials have now been asked to resign from office due to non-performance.

Here's all about it.

In context

From VIP to EIP: NDA's mantras!
Getting rid of the dead weight


Getting rid of the dead weight

The Indian governance mechanism has faced flak in the past for its slow and long-winding work-culture, these practices are no longer going to be tolerated by the present regime.

Union minister Jitendra Singh informed, "A total of 30 Group A officers and 99 Group B officers (total 129) have been sent on retirement in past few months," due to their non-performance.


Much appreciated move

The move to carry out punishment in the form of compulsory retirement was devised after the authorities reviewed over 24,000 Group A officers and 42,251 Group B officers to find the ones who were negligent about their given duty.

Currently, another fresh batch consisting of 34,451 Group A officers and 42,521 from Group B, are being looked at to weed out the non-performers.

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Overstaying welcome will no longer be tolerated


Overstaying welcome will no longer be tolerated

Recently, an amendment in the Public Premises (Eviction of Unauthorized Occupants) Act, 1971 was also made.

Post-amendment, members of parliament and babus, who overstayed their welcome in central government accommodations, can be ousted within three days of their overstay if the appeal for extension is not satisfactory.

Previously it was 30 days and some could get a stay order to stop being ousted.

"Lal Batti": Govt bans use from May 1

The government has banned use of red beacons from May 1: only five dignitaries - the president, prime minister, vice-president, chief justice and Lok Sabha speaker - will be exempted. However, Modi won't use one himself to set an example.


Babu culture will need more initiatives like this

Jitendra Singh mentioned that the NDA government had a zero-tolerance policy and is committed to eliminating any form of corruption and negligence to create a citizen-centric government.

It, however, remains to be seen if such measures help in putting an end to the babu culture, or if the government is scratching at the surface of the problem and more drastic measures should be deployed.

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