India-Africa summit: India to bolster African ties

26 Oct 2015 | By Vaneet Randhawa

India-Africa summit which is scheduled to begin from 26 October is "the first summit where all 54 African countries are invited and all are participating" according to PM Modi.

Africa is of extreme significance to India since India-Africa trade has surged six-fold to reach $70 billion and could reach $100 billion by 2016.

Moreover, India's oil imports have reached 26% from Africa.

In context: India vests hope in India-Africa Summit

25 Oct 2015India-Africa peace park ahead of the summit

The India-Africa Friendship Rose garden was inaugurated by External affairs minister Sushma Swaraj ahead of the third India-Africa Summit.

Even Kejriwal was present at the inauguration, which is to kick start the four-day summit, the two parties are supposed to strengthen their cooperation on the global platform and develop security alliance including on "maritime security and countering terrorism."

26 Oct 2015Special arrangements for the mighty summit

India has put up a feast at the crafts museum and kept aside 100 luxury cars for the African delegates.

Airport authorities have been requested to make place for 15 private jets to be used by the African leaders

Officials from the armed forces will be managing logistics and 700 journalists will be present to cover the 2000 delegates engaging the summit.

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Economy: Modi's prime interest behind the summit

26 Oct 2015Economy: Modi's prime interest behind the summit

The India-Africa summit comes at a time when China's economy is down and hence India and African nations can cooperate to examine areas of collaboration and present a "roadmap to their governments."

For India to trade more smoothly with Africa it needs issues of "Cconnectivity, banking links and security" to be resolved.

Likewise, Africa expects India to "reorient strategy to boost ties."

165 company strong Indian presence in Africa

Since January 2003, more than 165 Indian companies have invested in Africa in telecom, infrastructure, pharmaceuticals, healthcare sectors.

26 Oct 2015Modi to raise terrorism and UNSC reform concerns

India-Africa summit will see Modi raise concerns about the need for 1 voice on UNSC reforms.

India wants an "early adoption of the 1996 India-backed Comprehensive Convention on International Terrorism at UN" and will try to get support from African countries for it.

Modi will also touch the topic of terrorism with the African counterparts and offer support to counter it.

Moroccan King first to arrive

King Mohammed VI of Morocco is the first dignitary to have landed with a 400-member delegation to participate in the India-Africa summit.
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26 Oct 2015India-Africa summit: India to bolster African ties

3rd India-Africa summit

This is the third such summit to take place between Africa and India. It was first held in India in April 2008 and then in Addis Ababa in Ethiopia in 2011.

30 Oct 2015India-Africa Summit concludes, Modi gives $10 billion assistance

Prime Minister Narendra Modi promised to expand co-operation with Africa while concluding the 3rd India-Africa Summit.

PM Modi talked about the need for "counter-terrorism, defence cooperation and anti-piracy operations" in twelve out of nineteen bilateral conversations with African leaders.

Modi gave Africa a credit of $10 billion over 5 years and a grant assistance fund of $600 million.

30 Oct 2015Congress unofficially boycotts the summit

The Congress leadership unofficially boycotted the African summit protesting against its exclusion from all discussions.

The party was also visibly upset with the absence of mention of Jawaharlal Nehru, the original "architect of Africa-India ties".

Congress leader Anand Sharma said that the India-Africa summit's focus on getting all leaders together was "condescending".