Meira Kumar asks leaders to listen to 'voice of conscience'

26 Jun 2017 | Written by Vaneet Randhawa; Edited by Shikha Chaudhry

The joint Presidential nominee, Meira Kumar appealed to the electoral college and asked them to "heed the inner voice of conscience" when voting for the post of President.

She said that the leaders had a "unique privilege to make history" with their choices on July 17.

She highlighted her connection with India's 2 "monumental struggles" - the freedom struggle and against casteism.

In context: The Presidential politics- Appeals to Dalits and conscience

19 Jun 2017Ram Nath Kovind: The man who could be India's President

The BJP named the incumbent Governor of Bihar and Dalit leader Ram Nath Kovind as the NDA's candidate for the upcoming Presidential elections.

The move could give a big push to BJP in the 2019 General Elections, for the Dalit votes in UP.

Kovind has served as the President of BJP Dalit Morcha during 1998-2002 and as the All India Koli Samaj's President.

Kovind as President: Fulfilling UP's dream

With Ram Nath Kovind as the President, UP's dream of having a President could materialize. The only time UP's representative was in the Rashtrapati Bhawan was with Mohammad Hidaytullah becoming the first acting president of India from 20 July 1969 to 24 August 1969.
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Opposition's Presidential candidate: Former Lok Sabha Speaker Meira Kumar

22 Jun 2017Opposition's Presidential candidate: Former Lok Sabha Speaker Meira Kumar

The opposition fielded Meira Kumar, a Dalit candidate in the race for President.

Kumar, former diplomat and later a UPA minister was chosen unanimously for the post of the Speaker in 2009.

Opposition's choice is expected to be motivated to divide the Dalit support.

Being positioned as "the daughter of Bihar", Opposition hopes she makes Nitish Kumar withdraw his support for Kovind.

24 Jun 2017Is the fight for Presidency being overshadowed by 'Dalit' politics?

After BJP fielded Mr. Kovind as its Presidential candidate, opposition pointed towards his RSS background.

The BJP was accused of playing Dalit politics.

However, BJP questioned why Meira Kumar wasn't the Presidential choice when Congress was in power.

BJP said that Kumar's father- Jagjivan Ram was a revered Dalit leader which is why she had been fielded against Ram Nath Kovind.

26 Jun 2017Meira Kumar asks leaders to listen to 'voice of conscience'

26 Jun 2017Meira appeals for conscience, Swaraj hits with blast from past

Soon after Meira Kumar asked the leaders to heed to their conscience, Sushma Swaraj took to Twitter and expressed her objection of former Lok Sabha speaker Meira Kumar. Swaraj posted a video from 2013 that showcased Meira's behavior where she interrupted Swaraj's speech.

Swaraj also attached a link where Daily Pioneer had accused Meira of interrupting 60 times in a 120 seconds speech.