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29 Jun 2017

Delhi Assembly ruckus: AAP workers thrashed for protesting against Satyendra

MLAs thrash AAP volunteers protesting against Satyendra Jain

Two alleged AAP workers entered the Delhi Assembly and threw paper flyers at Delhi's Heath Minister Satyendra Jain and accused the latter of corruption.

Minutes later, the two men were allegedly detained and beaten up inside the assembly.

Speaker Ram Niwas Goel ordered their arrest and later sentenced them to one-month jail for disrupting the House.

In context

MLAs thrash AAP volunteers protesting against Satyendra Jain
Who were the protesters, how did they enter the Assembly?

Inside Delhi Assembly

Who were the protesters, how did they enter the Assembly?

The two protesters were identified as Jagdeep Rana and Rajan Madan. While Rana is a former AAP member and had contested from the party in 2013, Madan is reportedly an AAP member from Punjab.

Speaker Ram Niwas Goel said that both the protesters had entered the Assembly through passes issued with the help of an assembly employee.

The ruckus: How did it unfold?

The protesters came wearing turbans to the House and dropped paper flyers thereby shouting slogans against Delhi's health minister. Both were arrested by officials but later several MLAs rushed out, locked them up in a room and thrashed them. They were eventually rushed to hospital.

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The paper flyer: Statements made

The pamphlets which were thrown by the protesters accused Satyendra Jain of nepotism since he employed his own daughter. The pamphlet further said that some people have taken the cause of freeing Delhi and the Aam Aadmi Party of such corrupt people.

BJP reacts

BJP demands strict action against AAP legislators who beat protesters

The BJP MLAs called for stringent action against AAP legislators who thrashed the protesters. They even called for action against the MLA who allow them entry in to the Assembly.

They demanded suspension of MLA who granted the protesters access inside the Assembly.

BJP MLAs have also demanded a five-member fact-finding committee to examine the incident.

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