Patna HC dismisses petitions against new Nitish Kumar govt

31 Jul 2017 | By Gogona Saikia

The Patna HC has dismissed petitions challenging the validity of the new Nitish Kumar government in Bihar. One of the petitions in question was filed by rival RJD.

According to chief justice Rajendra Menon and justice Anil Kumar Upadhyay, the new government had already proven majority in the floor of the House, so there was no need for the court to intervene.

In context: Petitions challenge new Nitish Kumar government

31 Jul 2017Patna HC dismisses petitions against new Nitish Kumar govt

ArgumentsGovernor should have invited RJD first, petitions claim

The petition by RJD MLAs Chandan Kumar and Saroj Yadav had claimed in 2015, the JD(U)-RJD-Congress alliance won people's mandate and it was to rule for five years.

Former village head Deo Narayan also filed a PIL, saying the governor should have invited the RJD first to form the government since it was the largest party in the assembly.

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'Kumar has already won trust vote'

Case'Kumar has already won trust vote'

The petitions were filed on July 27 and admitted into court the next day, when Kumar won a floor test in the House with the support of 131 members in the 243-member assembly.

Advocate General Lalit Kishore also noted that while JD(U) had presented a list of 131 supporting members while staking claim to the government, the RJD had given no such list.