Posters in Amethi say 'Rahul Gandhi Missing'

09 Aug 2017 | By Vaneet Randhawa
The strange case of missing Rahul Gandhi

Rahul Gandhi is missing, at least on posters in Amethi.

Posters declaring the Congress Vice President missing went up in UP's Amethi.

The poster stated that "anyone giving information about Rahul Gandhi will be rewarded".

Evidently a critique of Gandhi, the posters further said that because of his absence development projects and other works in Amethi have stalled.

In context: The strange case of missing Rahul Gandhi

09 Aug 2017Posters in Amethi say 'Rahul Gandhi Missing'

Blame GameCongress blames BJP for the posters

Yogendra Mishra, the District Congress chief, blamed the BJP and RSS of a "conspiracy" to slander the Congress.

He maintained that such incidents have taken place in the past as well.

Congress said that he has constantly been raising issues faced by Amethi.

Mishra said that the Congress "will register an FIR in this regard with the local police."

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What the BJP has to say?

BJP district president Uma Shankar Pandey dismissed the allegations against BJP and the RSS and claimed that they had "nothing to do with it". Furthermore, he said: "Had he (Gandhi) done something for Amethi, the situation would not have arisen".
Is there any truth in the posters?

Is he really missing?Is there any truth in the posters?

Whether a BJP doing or not, the posters do seem to hold some merit after all.

Rahul was last seen in his Lok Sabha constituency on 19 February when he addressed an election rally in Jagdishpur.

Though he had recently visited Lucknow to ask for adequate compensation for the Amethi farmers whose land was acquired by NHAI highway project, but he didn't visit Amethi.

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