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22 Aug 2017

Rubin's solution for smartphone addiction is way off the mark

Rubin's cure is not our cup of tea

The millennial generation has a million problems and half of them stems from the so-called "smart" devices in our hands.

Yes, it's more connected than ever but when you look at the time we waste glued into its screen, you have to grudgingly admit that it's an addiction. However, Android creator Andy Rubin has a plan to cure our smartphone 'disease'.

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In context

Rubin's cure is not our cup of tea
Andy Rubin means well, I guess


Andy Rubin means well, I guess

Andy Rubin has a moral obligation of sorts, to be fair. After all, it is his creation that powers 85% of the smartphones out there in the world.

However, he wants to rectify that and in an interview he admits, "We all lived happy lives before we had always-on Internet."

Then again, isn't he the one to bring the Essential phone into the market?


What's the big idea?

Well, Essential is the key, according to Rubin. As per him, if he is able to create a phone that becomes the digital version of the user, the user can rest easy and take that time to do other productive stuff, while the phone does the grunt work for him/her.

Therefore, he thinks, "I can solve part of the addictive behavior."

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No, thank you though


No, thank you though

However interesting may Rubin's plans be, I don't think most of us would like to have an AI engine calling the shots, pretending to be us. It's not the kind of invention that one looks forward to in the future.

So, let's hold onto our phones a little bit longer and try methods like regulating the time spend on phones than going for Rubin's solution.

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