Apple to bring wireless charging to iPhone 8

28 Aug 2017 | By Anish Chakraborty
Apple's wireless charging will cost you

It may have started as a rumor but now the vibes are getting stronger. Apple's upcoming iPhone 8, among other things, will also bring in wireless charging.

However, this news should be taken with a grain of salt, as this technology will have more to do with filling the coffers of the Cupertino-based giant than making things easier for Apple lovers.

Here is why.

In context: Apple's wireless charging will cost you

28 Aug 2017Apple to bring wireless charging to iPhone 8

Wireless chargingWhat's it all about?

Wireless charging is a now a common affair in most of the Android handsets and it's about time that iPhone gets it too.

Then again, chances are that Apple would 'lock' the upcoming iPhone, making sure that users buy Apple's own wireless charging units or charging units that adhere to the 'Made for iPhone' (MfI) program.

It will, therefore, not be a cheap affair.

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Things get costlier

MoneyThings get costlier

Apple products, in general, burn a hole in the consumers' pockets and iPhone 8 is not going to be easy on the wallet either.

One of the convenient things about using Android devices is that you can tap into a lot of third party hardware.

However, with Apple, it's not so easy. You've to shell a lot of money to get an authorized one.

UpdateCan we bypass it?

Reportedly, there are more hiccups.

This wireless charging, by Apple, will run at just 7.5 watts, which is minuscule, compared to the 15 watts offered in regular devices.

Moreover, Apple will not offer wireless charging out of the box. One will have to wait for a software update.

The iOS charging will check whether or not the pad is licensed by Apple.

iPhoneGet ready to pay

Apple's technological wall will make it impossible for unauthorized manufacturers to come up with a product that charges the iPhone wirelessly.

The user will have to buy a certified product, filling the firm's coffers even more. So, if you're waiting for the latest iteration of the iPhone with bated breath, start setting aside some more money now to buy an Apple-certified wireless charging pad.