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02 Sep 2017

Samsung Galaxy S9 could be launched in January 2018

Samsung Galaxy S9 rumors, leaks as of now

India is yet to get its hands on the much-touted Samsung Galaxy Note 8. However, that hasn't stopped tech aficionados from getting hyped about the firm's next big release - Galaxy S9.

Most of the leak-sources are notorious for being apt. Therefore, one can rest assured that the final product won't be far off.

So here's what we know so far.

In context

Samsung Galaxy S9 rumors, leaks as of now
Oreo will be there


Oreo will be there

According to XDA Developers, the design of S9 will not be very different from the S8.

However, Galaxy S9 will make its debut with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor under its hood and Android 8.0 Oreo will also be there.

It is Samsung's flagship phone and Qualcomm 845 is next in line after Snapdragon's latest 835 series. It's not hard to do the math.


It might have a January release date

Korean media The Investor says that the Galaxy S9 could have a launch date in, as early as, January. However, everything depends on the assembly schedule.

OLED panel shipments will begin from this November, which means the device should ideally be ready for launch by the end of January 2018. If everything falls into place, S9 will be available in stores by February.

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To have or not to have

Fingerprint scanner

To have or not to have

Now, there is some confusion. According to XDA Developers, the phone will not carry the fingerprint scanner under its display. However, it is very much possible that the publication's source has only seen the early prototypes. This can, therefore, go either way.

Another confusion is regarding Galaxy S9's camera. While most reports suggest it'll feature dual camera set-up, but no one is sure as of now.


Let's keep our eyes open

The report also says that Galaxy S9 will stick with the 4GB RAM and 64GB storage formula.

It's highly unlikely for the company to do something radically different and cram an 8GB RAM under its hood.

However, one should always remember that these rumors may sound concrete but, since they're unofficial in nature, one cannot be certain about them.

It's still early, changes may occur.

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