Airtel CEO commits to net neutrality in email

20 Apr 2015 | By Siripriya
 Airtel Zero scores zero on net neutrality

CEO Gopal Vittal defended Airtel Zero amidst online campaigns that have urged users to defend India's net neutrality.

On the Airtel Zero platform, firms signing up for the plan pay for data charges, while users get free access.

In the email, he reiterated the firm's commitment to net neutrality and explained that fears about differential access to websites are unfounded.

In context: Airtel Zero scores zero on net neutrality

26 Dec 2014 Airtel proposes preferential tariffs

Airtel proposed charging customers for OTT (over the top) services such as Viber and Whatsapp that allow free messaging and telephony as long as the user has data access.

However, facing a severe backlash from government and users alike, it abandoned the idea.

It returned with an even more controversial scheme called Airtel Zero that allows preferential access to apps that partner with Airtel.

27 Mar 2015 TRAI invites user input on net neutrality debate

TRAI launched a consultation paper inviting user comments and views on net neutrality (which means treating all websites equally and letting market forces decide user access).

The move came amidst intense lobbying from Telcos demanding regulation over heavy data apps such as WhatsApp and Skype.

The deadline for submitting views to TRAI is April 24, 2015.

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 Flipkart backs out of Airtel Zero

14 Apr 2015 Flipkart backs out of Airtel Zero

Indian online e-commerce giant Flipkart backs out of talks with Airtel on joining Airtel Zero.

The move had divided the market players with firms like Zomato strongly speaking against Airtel Zero.

Users, however, criticised Flipkart and began to down rate its app with single star. Faced with little choice, Flipkart backed out and issued statements in favour of net neutrality.

17 Apr 2015 TRAI and Telecom minister support net neutrality

TRAI senior officials and the Telecom minister speak against Airtel Zero and saying that they infringe on net neutrality.

The Airtel Zero launch had divided the web space users with internet activists launching and urging users to reject the idea by submitting feedback to TRAI.

Internet activists fear that customers might be forced to switch to websites in lure of free access.

6 Apr 2015 Bharti Airtel launches Airtel Zero

Bharti Airtel launches Airtel Zero, a plan that allows customers to access apps for free.

However, only companies that choose to sign up and pay Airtel for data charges will be available to users.

Earlier, Reliance communications had joined hands with Facebook to offer Both platforms enable startups and big firms to reach customers at one-third of the cost.

20 Apr 2015 Airtel CEO commits to net neutrality in email