Mitsubishi's autonomous concept car EMIRAI 4 will wow you

20 Oct 2017 | By Sneha Bengani

Japanese automotive giant Mitsubishi is set to present its latest concept car at the 2017 Tokyo Motor Show, that opens on October 25 for the press. We can't be more excited.

EMIRAI 4 is touted to give drivers greater autonomy and connectivity to help them build a closer relationship with their automobiles.

Here's all you need to know about Mitsubishi's latest wonder.

In context: Meet Mitsubishi's new concept car: EMIRAI 4

20 Oct 2017Mitsubishi's autonomous concept car EMIRAI 4 will wow you

FeaturesA step forward in the automotive revolution

The EMIRAI 4 is nothing short of a wonder car. It is an open-top windshield-free two-seater.

Through an augmented reality heads-up display, it projects a 3D map in front of the driver, giving him absolute clarity with respect to the route, lane discipline and spotting obstacles.

In bad weather conditions, it can make the day seem sunny and clear, ensuring unrestricted visibility.

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DetailsIntuitive design for maximum comfort and safety

EMIRAI 4 has autonomous driving capabilities. But in case you want to drive it, the car can monitor potentially dangerous or irresponsible driving behavior. It is also equipped to aid better road discipline. In extreme situations, it can take over control altogether.

It has simple intuitive infotainment systems that facilitate distraction-less driving. Its lighting system helps you see better in crucial situations, preventing accidents.