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24 Oct 2017

The 2018 batch of new emojis is ready!

Emojis for 2018 are here. Check them out!

Though we are still waiting for the 2017 batch of new emojis to come to our smartphones, the drafts of the next batch are already ready. 67 new emoji candidates have been shortlisted for the 2018 panel.

The additions aim to achieve fairer and more inclusive representation of gender and racial diversity. Among others, there are emojis for cupcake, salt shaker, and frowning poo.

In context

Emojis for 2018 are here. Check them out!
Women users might get a shoe without a heel

Realistic representation

Women users might get a shoe without a heel

Though the emojis have become more inclusive and diverse over the years, they still haven't been able to shed certain stereotypes.

For instance, three of the four emojis for women shoes have heels, completely excluding the people who may want to use a flat woman-shoe emoji. But that may change with the new set of additions as it also includes a royal-blue ballet flat.

The fight

Meet the woman behind the royal-blue ballet flat emoji

Florie Hutchinson, a Californian public-relations officer is to be thanked for creating a more realistic footwear emoji option for women.

A mother of three, Hutchinson feels that associating only heels with women footwear is stereotyping them even in the emoji world.

So with a graphic designer, she made the navy ballet flat, which was eventually named one of 67 finalists of Emoji 6.0.

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