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26 Oct 2017

Facebook releases "Workplace Chat" app for desktop/mobile with game-changing features

Facebook "Workplace Chat" apps for desktop, mobile

A year after launching Workplace, the business-focused social networking platform, Facebook is now releasing "Workplace Chat" desktop and mobile apps, which have Workplace's existing messaging functionality.

Facebook has brought these apps out of beta so that all customers can use them.

The apps have several features, which allow users to converse in text messages, send files, share their screens, or video chat.

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Facebook "Workplace Chat" apps for desktop, mobile
Users can react to messages, send gifs on apps


Users can react to messages, send gifs on apps

After installing the Workplace Chat apps, users can access the service's existing messaging features directly on their desktops or mobiles.

Regular Workplace features like private and group chats, one-on-one video calling, live video broadcasts, file and screen sharing, etc. are available.

In addition to these, the latest apps include fun conversation features like message reactions, gifs, and mentions.


Workplace interfaces redesigned to resemble Facebook's

Apart from releasing the new Workplace apps and features, Facebook has reportedly updated the overall design of the business-centric networking platform.

It has simplified Workplace's interface in order to make it more consistent across web, desktop, iOS, and Android platforms.

The interfaces of both desktop and mobile apps of Workplace have been redesigned to make them similar to Facebook's social networking app.

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Group video chat support to be added soon

Facebook has stated that it plans to roll out "group video calling" feature to the Workplace Chat apps in the next few months. Group video chat would allow users to create virtual chat rooms of up to 50 people for video conferences.

Workplace: The private social network for companies


Workplace: The private social network for companies

Workplace by Facebook has been specifically designed for businesses and organizations to help their teams work better.

The social networking giant brought Workplace service out of beta last year to compete with other similar platforms like Slack, Microsoft Teams, and Atlassian in the enterprise collaboration space.

As of now, over 30,000 organizations with over 1 million groups use Workplace.


The more you use Workplace, the less you pay

Workplace charges its clients based on the monthly active users (depending on the number of users, features the client wants).

Premium services cost $3/user for the first 1,000 active users. $2 and $1 monthly plans are available if there are over 1,000 users.

Workplace is free for non-profit organizations and educational institutions.

A free version with limited features for companies is also available.

Another Workplace version aimed at small-team organizations

Facebook said that later in 2017, Workplace would also launch a streamlined free version, which will not have all the "bells and whistles" for clients with smaller teams. The social networking giant wants to compete with such small-team offerings from Slack and Microsoft Teams.

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