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29 Oct 2017

4 wearable gadgets that can help you in everyday life

We live in a world of excesses. Too much pressure, too much pollution, too many things to do, too little time.

Though scientific advancements are responsible for a lot of it, they also provide the way out since most of them do make life easier.

Here we bring you four wearable gadgets that can help you handle everyday life better.

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4 new innovations to make your life easier

Breathe clean

Treepex transforms polluted air into fresh oxygen

In a time when air pollution is making international headlines, the relevance of a wearable device that transforms toxic air into oxygen cannot be questioned.

Treepex, a gadget the size of an asthma inhaler, is ideal for people on the go.

It connects to your phone through an app, and helps monitor air quality and lung activity. Its cartridges are priced at $9.99.

Sit right

Now wear your chair, take it anywhere

Many of us have sitting jobs. But what about those who don't?

The Chairless Chair is for people who need to stand for long hours. Made of titanium, it has several adjustable straps that facilitate movement.

It lets the user walk freely and provides them support should they bend or crouch. Its design is versatile and can be changed according to height and weight.

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With Ember Wave, regulate the temperature you want to feel

Ember Wave is a slick thermal wrist band that lets you regulate the temperature you want to feel, enabling you to warm up or cool down on demand.

Created at MIT, it comes for $299. It builds on the fact that changing the temperature of one body spot can improve overall comfort.

Armed with a rechargeable battery, its each heating/cooling session lasts 3-5 minutes.


Willow: A wearable breast pump for new mothers

Willow is a wearable breast pump that aims to make lives easier for new mothers.

Once fitted inside a bra, it collects milk in a disposable bag and tracks the volume through an app, helping women move freely and do things while pumping.

It's easy to clean and quick to set up. Two of its parts are dishwasher-safe. You can buy it for $479.99.

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