Lesser known tips and tricks of WhatsApp

06 Nov 2017 | Written by NewsBytes Desk; Edited by Shikha Chaudhry
WhatsApp hacks everyone needs to know

Facebook-owned messaging platform, WhatsApp, is one of the most popular instant messengers in the world. WhatsApp enjoys the largest user base in India.

The user-friendly, free WhatsApp, which started off as a basic messenger, now has some pretty impressive features.

From hiding your number to accessing a secret GIF library, here are some tips and tricks that will make you a WhatsApp pro.

In context: WhatsApp hacks everyone needs to know

06 Nov 2017Lesser known tips and tricks of WhatsApp

IncognitoHiding your number on WhatsApp

This trick helps users hide their phone numbers while using WhatsApp and requires two SIM cards.

After registering with WhatsApp using the first SIM, users need to replace the old SIM with the new one.

WhatsApp will prompt them to change the number, but they can choose to use the old number.

Users can keep their current number safe even while using WhatsApp.

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Whom do you message the most?

SettingsWhom do you message the most?

Did you know that WhatsApp on iOS lets users know whom they have been chatting with the most?

Under "Settings" on WhatsApp, users can select "Data Usage", and then "Storage Usage" to see the chat-list in descending order, based on the amount of time a user has spent with someone.

It also displays the number of messages users have sent to a particular person/group.

DetailsSend a text without touching the phone

With the help of virtual assistants like Siri and Google Assistant, users can send WhatsApp messages without even opening the app.

They just need to activate the assistants and ask to "send a WhatsApp message to" a particular person, and speak out the message followed by "saying".

WhatsApp also allows iOS users to "reply" (quote a message) by swiping right on the specific message.

Set reminder for an event on WhatsApp

When users write a time or date for an activity in WhatsApp chat (on iOS app), the date/time turns into a link. By clicking on the hyperlink, users can create an event and add it to their calendar.

GroupsGroups: Find out who has read your message

WhatsApp lets users know who has read their message in a group under the "Group Info" section.

This works even if people have disabled their read receipts.

People can also use WhatsApp as a notes-making tool by creating a group with one contact and later deleting the single participant. They can use it as a dairy to save specific messages, voice-notes, pictures, etc.

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GIFs You can search for GIFs from WhatsApp's library

Users can send GIFs on WhatsApp without even leaving the app's interface.

Android users can click on the "emoji" button in any chat and select "GIF" option at the bottom, search for GIFs, and send them.

iOS users can also search and send GIFs. Click on "+" icon, then choose "Photo & Video" library, and then select "GIF" to access the GIF library.

Transform WhatsApp into a GIF-making tool

Users can simply convert videos into GIFs on WhatsApp itself. Select a video to send; in the video-editing panel, decrease the video length to "5 seconds" or less to see an option to convert it into a GIF.

FontsTricks to change font, format text on WhatsApp

Users can type in the classic typewriter font on WhatsApp. Simply, insert the "` Symbol" on either side of the message/word and click on send.

Users can format WhatsApp messages by inserting symbols on either side of the text.

For "Bold", add asterisks (bold); for Italics, use underscores (italics); to strikethrough, insert tildes (strikethrough). Users can also combine the formats.

DeleteSent a message by mistake? You can delete it now!

WhatsApp recently added "Delete for Everyone" feature for deleting and recalling a message sent to wrong persons/groups.

On the latest WhatsApp version (all mobile-platforms), users can revoke messages sent in the last "7 minutes".

Select a message and click on delete (trash icon) to choose from "Delete for Me" (regular delete option) and "Delete for Everyone" (deleting messages from others' chats) options.